BITS Pilani Pays Tribute to Musical Maestro A R Rahman


Fête de la Musique or International Music day is a celebration of music around the world. What’s better than celebrating it by paying a tribute to an artist who has given melodious songs to the country, one after the other! So here are a bunch of engineers, yes engineers, who apart from being tech savvy, are interested in music and excel in one or the other skill like playing an instrument, singing, video production or just knowing how to hold a camera. They have come together to collaborate and create something which they couldn’t have thought of doing alone.

Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.

What’s a talent when you can never use it for yourself? Network with people who complement your creativity and create a community where you enter as strangers but leave as friends!

Towards the end of the video, you’ll also find v-logs by public figures like Parry G, Mala Mary Martina, Agam, Gurucharan and Akash Gautam.

The students from BITS Pilani who feature in the video are Arya Arun (lead vocals), Kushal Jasoria (lead vocals, video and audio editing), Saksham Nagar, Abhinav Gandotra, Devam Jhanwar, Kriti Jain, Swathi Muddha and Shubham Rathi (backing vocals), Nikhil Jhingade (keys), Sanjay Ghosh (guitar), Ravneet Bansal (bass guitar), Sudevan Chandrasekharan (violin), Dishant Sangani (keys) and Samakshi Tiwari (cinematography). All people are given credit for their role on Dextra as you can see here: A.R.Rahman – Tu Bole (cover by students from BITS Pilani)

This collaboration was made possible as the students were in the same university. Wouldn’t it be nice if such collaborations could be done even when people are located in different countries? — And Dextra helps you find such creative people worldwide.

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