Boy On The Bridge – European Union Film Festival


Year: 2016

Country: Cyprus

Genre: Coming-of-age Drama

Running Time: 85 minutes

Log Line

In a seemingly idyllic Cypriot village, twelve-year-old Socrates’ careless summer days of riding his bike and tantalizing the local residents come to an abrupt end when he finds himself at the center of a murder invesLgaLon, which exposes a dark family secret and changes his life forever.


Cyprus 1988. Twelve-year-old Socrates spends the hot summer days hurtling through the streets of his sleepy mountain village on his bicycle, sePng o home-made firecrackers and tormenLng the local residents.

He wears his grandfather’s military beret with pride, dreaming of being a war hero like he once was. His carefree life comes to an abrupt end when he finds out that the family of his cousin and best friend, Marcos, are being abused by their violent father Hambo.

Infuriated by this discovery, Socrates decides to put his firecracker-making skills to use. What starts as a naïve aVempt to teach Hambo a lesson leads Socrates to the heart of a murder invesLgaLon and the exposure of a family secret.

Confronted with a dilemma that will change his life forever, Socrates discovers the meaning of love, family loyalty and courage.

Director’s Note

Boy on the Bridge is a coming of age drama set in the 1980s at a seemingly idyllic village on the mountains. It is the story of twelve-year-old Socrates, who dreams of being a war hero like his grandfather.

Socrates and his cousin make illegal firecrackers to resemble the ones the war heroes were making.

During his journey Socrates comes across a series of incidents that not only transform him but eventually change his life forever. It is this transformaLon in a child, both physical and emoLonal, that intrigues me, first as a person and then as a director.

The film combines suspense and drama, tragic incidents and everyday life, personal issues and broader conflicts, ambiguous characters and unclear pasts, contrasLng emoLons and situaLons, but at the same Lme challenges the very quesLons of what is right and wrong, or good and bad, noLons which are not always simply black and white.

The chance to develop and capture all of the above was a great challenge for me, and a journey through both familiar and unknown paths.

I hope the audience will take this journey with us–remember, idenLfy, laugh and cry but most of all, celebrate life.

Petros Charalambous–Director

Petros’ early exposure to photography, theater and art, as well as his need for emoLonal and visual expression led him to Hollywood where he studied film an d television direcLng at the California State University, Los Angeles. His work experience in USA includes a year at CNN/ DNEW in Los Angeles.

In 2000 he returned to Cyprus, where he worked as a film director, for Lumiere Services unLl 2008. Since then, he works as a freelancer film director shooLng mainly commercials, corporate and music videos, narraLves and documentaries. Some of the commercials he directed were short listed for several internaLonal adverLsing compeLLons. Among others, in 2008 he directed several TV shows and live performances, the opera “Epitafios”, the short film “Voices” and the feature documentary “The Fire Within”. His short film “The Escape of the Queen” aVended a lot of film fesLvals all over the world winning awards and disLncLons. In post-producLon for the documentary “From Here to Everest” and in development for the feature “SubsLtute”. Boy on the Bridge is his first feature film.

Stavros Pamballis – Co-Writer

A Fulbright Scholar, Stavros holds a BFA in Film ProducLon from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and an MFA in ScreenwriLng from the London Film School.

He began his career direcLng TV commercials in his hometown, Nicosia, before moving to London to work in Film.

His first feature as a screenwriter, the mulL-award winning Shirley Adams, was produced by Roland Emmerich, and was an ocial selecLon at fesLvals across the world, including Locarno, Toronto, London, and Dubai, while his second, Turbulence, was directed by two-Lme BAFTA award winner Michael B Cliord. Boy On the Bridge is his third produced feature screenplay.

An alumni of the 2010 Berlin Film FesLval Talent Campus, the Working Title Films Residency, and the Binger Film Lab in Amsterdam, Stavros has projects in acLve development with a variety of UK producLon companies, and is concurrently developing his Greek-language feature debut as a writer-director, Siege On Liper: Street, with Argonauts ProducLons(GR), Green Olive Films (CY), with funding from the Greek Film Centre and the Cyprus Ministry of Culture Feature Film Commission.


Worldwide representaLon, Anthony Mestriner at CasaroVo Ramsey and Associates, UK. Contact

info:, T: 020 7287 4450.

Eve Makis – Co-Writer

Eve Makis studied at Leicester University and worked as a journalist and radio presenter in the UK and Cyprus before becoming a novelist. Her first book Eat, Drink and be Married was published in five languages and awarded the Young Booksellers InternaLonal Book of the Year Award. She co-wrote a screen adaptaLon of her third book, Land of the Golden Apple, and the film Boy on the Bridge, is due for release in 2016. Eve is a regular speaker at book events and teaches creaLve wriLng at NoPngham University. Her latest book, The Spice Box LeVers, has been long listed for the Jerwood FicLon Uncovered Prize 2015, shortlisted for the East Midlands Book Award and awarded the Aurora Mardiganian Gold Medal.

AMP Filmworks

AMP Filmworks is a full service film producLon and post-producLon company based in Cyprus. It was established in 2005 by Marios Piperides, with the aim to produce high quality projects to both meet and compete with the European and InternaLonal market. Over the years we have oered our services to a variety of local and internaLonal producLons that were shot in Cyprus from feature and short films, to documentaries, TV Series and Commercials. In the past years, AMP Filmworks turned its focus on the development and producLon of projects in its own right and primarily feature films.

Marios Piperides – Producer

Marios holds an M.F.A. in Film ProducLon, B.A. in Film and Video ProducLon, and a B.Sc. in Broadcast Management. Parallel to his studies in the US he worked on various professional producLons there, gaining on hands experience.

Aqer returning to Cyprus in 2002, he landed a job with one of the largest producLon companies in Cyprus, as a ProducLon Manager and later as a Producer. For three years he was involved in handling projects from all over the world, including NHK and TV Asashi (Japan), RSA Films, Discovery Channel (UK), RTL (Germany), Kailush Pictures (India), OVo Films (Poland), Science Channel (USA), and a number of projects from Greece, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Romania, and Russia.

Having gained extensive experience, handling demanding projects and dealing with dierent naLonal backgrounds and work ethics, Marios started his own producLon company, AMP Filmworks, in 2005, and turned his focus to producing Feature Films and Documentaries. Between 2009 and 2011 he was hired by the Cinema Sector of the Ministry of Educa?on and Culture, to monitor film producLons and contracts and evaluate film proposals and scripts for funding.

In 2011, aqer two years of invaluable experience in the public Cypriot and European Cinema Sector, he returned fullLme to cinema producLon in order to fully focus on the development and expansion of his own company. Amongst other projects, he was the Producer of five feature length films: two were shot in 2013, one in 2014 and two in 2015.

Andrey Dergachev – Composer

Andrey Dergachev is known for his work on the Oscar Nominated “Leviathan” (2014), “The Banishment” (2007), “Elena” (2011) and the Golden Globe Nominated

“The Return” (2003).

Yorgos Rahmatoulin – Director of Photography

Andreas Antoniou – Produc?on Designer

Andreas studied Graphic Design and Visual communicaLon at IED ROMA Rome/Italy and Fashion & costume design at ACCADEMIA KOEFIA Rome/italy

He worked as a producLon designer, art director, interior designer and fashion stylist on various projects including photo shoots, tv commercials and films in New York, Rome Athens and Cyprus.


KonstanLnos Farmakas George Demetriou

Kika Georgiou Tony Demetriou

Andreas Tselepos Maria Michael

Christodoulos Martas Thanasis Drakopoulos

Fes?vals and Awards






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