Cha Bar: A book and tea lover paradise


WHERE: Cha Bar, Oxford Bookstore, N 81, Connaught Place


CUISINES: Café food


Located in the heart of Delhi, CP, Cha bar is ideal in its location. The name Cha bar in itself suggests a tea concept café. Perfect for a cold winter day, Cha bar is a small café situated cozily inside the Oxford Bookstore. It specializes in a large variety of local and fusion teas or chai.

Sited like an isle surrounded by books, it is heaven for people who love the classic combination of reading and tea. The beauty of the café lies in its concept. It is the perfect imagery given to the elegant places one reads about in books. A witty business tactic, considering the reader friendly surroundings.

Even though the menu is vast, many items on the menu are either finished or not available half the time. Their range of teas and the flavors is what their biggest attraction is. They serve their teas in tiny, antique looking kettles that add a charm to the place. It also incorporates a sophisticated feel to the café that an intellectual reader digs.

The hot summers of Delhi compel the place to live up to its name not only with their hot ‘chai’ but also to have a variety of different flavors of refreshing ice tea that ease the thirst. Their mint ice tea tasted average whereas their passion fruit ice tea and strawberry ice tea are worth a try.

We ordered a goisin chicken wrap and grilled celery chicken sandwich. The wrap tasted quite ordinary whereas the grilled sandwich was quite good, layered with mayonnaise, chicken and a layer of egg. Their pastas taste good and their red velvet cake is soft and delicious although it is not available always.

They have a non-veg platter too, that has only fried food. For a quick bite, they have a platter that serves different kinds of French fries, potato wedges and smileys, with a salsa dip. The service is pretty slow and can get a little annoying at times.

The place is perfect for scholarly English high tea lovers. It’s definitely not a place where you can come only for food.  The prices are pocket friendly and it costs about Rs. 400 for two people.

We will advise this place for those who love books and who would love to sit around a lively environment, crunching and sipping tea.

[From the archives by Chaitali Aggarwal for University Express]


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