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India is boosting with the largest youth population with more than 50% people below the age of 25. Youngsters from across the nation are coming to live in urban cities to get admissions in prestigious universities to give a healthy start to their careers. Serving as a haven to some of the most promising universities, Delhi NCR is one of the most popular spots for these millennials. From graduate institutes to management level schools, Delhi has it all and the diversity of culture that it surmounts has made it all the more attractive for the Gen Y.

The college time is considered to be one of the best time in one’s life. You build new relations that last for an eternity, you take the initial steps in your career and most importantly you become more responsible after doing some very irresponsible things. Today’s tech savvy youth generation is filled will new ideas and the virtual world that surrounds them has given them all the means to break old boundaries and define new ones. However when we talk about all these revolutionary breakthroughs taking place in the virtual world, we tend to ignore the issues that these millennials face in the physical world.

Areas in Delhi NCR are in high demand for students who are coming from different cities and looking for accommodations to stay while they take their first steps towards higher education. Many of them often complain about the hassles involved while looking for a good room to rent and even when they find one through brokers who squeeze large chunks of money for their services, students in the end are not happy with what they get. Constant complains of bad food, slow WiFi, poor room services and an infinite number of problems are the talk of the town. The relevance of better living is non-existent as these youngsters with high demands are competing to get the relatively few rental spaces in supply. Left with low bargaining power and not many choices, the students end up taking rooms with high rents and low quality.

Coliving startups are coming to the rescue of these youngsters to provide them a better living experience. Through their offerings of fully-furnished managed rooms with top-notch amenities at affordable price points near college hubs, they are transforming the way Gen Y lives in today’s world. is an innovative tech platform that is pioneering the concept of coliving spaces for the first time in India. Its idea is to bring in superior living experience, by leveraging technology for seamless user interactions with end-to-end home services like housekeeping, high-speed internet and entertainment spaces. With a wonderful social experience through recreational activities with like-minded folks, is striving to ensure that you don’t just exist but start living!

Also, through its strategic partnerships with some amazing startups that cater to the diverse needs of millennials for healthcare, food, lifestyle, commuting and other essentials, is transforming the living experiences beyond accommodation. You can avail exclusive offers that are tailor made for CoHo residents and have the time of your life. Coliving startups are the future of rejoicing experiential living, so that you don’t compromise on your right to have the best college experience ever!

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Chirutha Kalra

Guest Author


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