Peek Into DU Creative Writing Societies: Books, Friends and More


Admissions season is in full swing. And soon, it will be that time of the year again. The time when the notice-boards of your college will turn all colourful with the posters of umpteen societies that your college mothers and when the halls will be brimming with orientation sessions and yes, when the foyers will get really cramped. And now you are probably wondering, why should I join a creative writing society?

If you happen to be one of those people who are in sheer awe of words and all they want from life is another book and may be some coffee, go hunt down the other bibliophilic creatures and voila, you just lit up your college life.

An Insight into the Creative Writing Societies

Almost all colleges now have their own creative writing societies with Ramjas College’s Wordcraft, LSR’s Expressions, Hansraj’s Ostraca and Gargi’s Quilluminati to name a few. SRCC also has a book club apart from having a literary society. Some of them have Hindi, Urdu and Sanskrit literary societies too.

Ostraca was created with the guiding principle that writing should not be limited to any person because of their course or field of study. And it has been true to this even as the third year of Ostraca begins. As one amongst the first batch of Ostraca, I have seen this society grow and evolve. It has become a platform, for young and talented writers not only in Hansraj but also throughout Delhi because of the myriad of workshops and events we organise” -Prateek Kundu, current president of Ostraca, Hansraj’s Creative Writing Society.


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This society will not only just introduce you to a bigger world of books (jumping, already?) but to so many new friends some of whom will definitely turn into “friends forever”. You will get a platform to showcase your writing skills and get honest opinions from your peers. Not only this, you will get a chance to attend a host of literary events apart from organizing your own grand literary festival. The workshops and slam poetry sessions throughout the year will keep your spirits entertained. And, your WhatsApp groups will flow with poetry and quotes that will give you those goosebumps apart from those boring message from family groups (Yes, you can’t leave them no matter how hard you try.)

The best part about joining a literary society is that they don’t require much of your time as you won’t have to practice for long hours and run around your college in maddening heat unlike other societies. Your weekly meetings could just be under a tree or one of those elusive classrooms away from all the hocus pocus. But, yes, mind you, around the fest time you’ll be running around the clock with managing logistics and funds.

It’s a relatively new society on the block, and I’ve been part of it right from my first year in college. For me, Wordcraft is the place that became my first home in college. It was here that I met the most inspiring, interesting and fun juniors, seniors and batch mates and bonded with them, and that’s probably where half of my clichéd “college experience” lies. Since it brings together people from vastly diverse courses, you get to learn so much apart from all things literary (even if that involves, painstakingly so, the names of all the members of One Direction)!

I think the one thing that has proved to be a challenge and also a sweet victory for the society as a whole is that we never give up. Be it brainstorming out of the box, complex plotlines, or managing logistics in the face of all sorts of adversities, we have persisted and shone through!” –Snigdha Shahi, a member of Ramjas College’s literary society.


You will find your kindred spirits and discover that despite having some shared interests how intricately different you all could be. You will learn a lot not only from books but also, from your fellow members. So, go celebrate words and let them get you high.

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