5 Steps to Help You Choose the Right Stream After Class 10th


When we were growing up, we all heard a very common statement –“90% se zyada aaye hain, ab toh science le sakte ho. Congratulations!” There was a standard procedure that had to be followed. If you scored higher than average, you were meant to be the next Einstein. If you were the average Joe, you were definitely meant to sit in an accountant’s office and if you were unfortunate enough to score less than average, you were better off studying history and geography because honestly, no one cared what you would do in life.

This notion of categorizing science, commerce and humanities reminds me of a hideous class system, where science is the King, commerce is a mere advisor to the King and humanities is somewhere in the Castle wiping the floor. At least that’s how it seemed. But as we are rushing deeper into this century, we are leaving behind this old notion of how streams should be chosen based on only academics. Marks are, no doubt, a reflection of one’s capabilities, but they should not be the sole reason for choosing a stream. Let’s try and understand what the criteria should be for selecting a stream after 10th.

Understand your Orientation Style


Try to understand how you do things, interact with people and what is your take on the world. Are you the sort of person who likes to boss people around? Or do you have a creative streak? Some people have a talent for talking their way out of problems, while others are passionate about helping to create a better society. Stream selection should be majorly dependent on what your orientation style is, as it is an embedded part of you. Ignoring it will only cause you to feel out of place in a career that does not match your outlook.

Find an Interest


I know what you are thinking, it’s very obvious. And you got one right. You did select commerce because it seems interesting to you. But sometimes we find our interests scattered in so many places, it’s mind-boggling. Even after we have found “The One” (pun intended), we believe our interest in a particular subject is enough to pursue it in the long run. You may be fascinated by outer space and dream of going to the moon, but that’s a long shot. So you need to understand what career options your interest will open up for you in real life. So stop obsessing over your marks and get to work!

Uncover your Personality


There is no one in this world who hasn’t said “He/She has a great personality”. And it just gets me thinking, what exactly do people mean by that? Personality is a very complex term. In the simplest of words, it is one’s pattern of behavior over an extended period of time. Some people have a sociable personality, others may be a bit attention seeking. When selecting a stream, it is essential to look underneath our superficial behavior and realize what subjects would satisfy our whims in the long run. It’s complicated, I agree. But hey that’s what we are here for. Every individual is unique and fitting a square peg in a round hole is calling for trouble and frustration.

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