EdElevate Team decodes how to nail admissions in Ivy League Universities


Today, hundreds of Indian students are aspiring to get into Ivy Leagues and Top global Universities, but sadly most of them are not aware of what exactly does it take to do so. The highly competitive and demanding regime of the Indian Education System makes them believe that all it takes is to have a perfect test score (GMAT OR GRE) to get into the Ivy Leagues. This is not true.

Having had dealt with students for over 15 years, EdElevate was incorporated to provide value based consulting for students aspiring to go to Ivy League Universities for higher education. The team comprises of education enthusiasts who are fresh and innovative in their approach and mentor students towards achieving their goal of getting into an Ivy League. EdElevate has been successful in placing students to Universities like: Harvard, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, Columbia etc.

The team at EdElevate shares some useful tips and information for students aspiring to get into Ivy League Universities:

  1. Advance Planning: ‘Early bird caches the worm’ holds very true in this context. Students should star planning one year in advance for their University applications. This includes taking tests like SAT/GRE/GMAT. Starting early gives you ample time for research, and reduces chances of any stress or panic. Often students think they have ample time, but one needs to realize there is a lot of work that needs to be done, so it is better to start early. For MBA candidates, starting early can be very beneficial, since they can target the first 2 rounds. It is usually in these two rounds that most scholarships are awarded. Starting early gives you a chance to give multiple attempts to improve your test scores as well.
  1. University Short-listing: Going to a top University abroad doesn’t come cheap. Don’t get overwhelmed by the names of the Universities you have been hearing all your life. You may think a University is right for you, but it might not be the case. Explore what your options are, which Universities suit your candidature the best and which Universities would be the best for your area of interest/research/specialization. There is no point of going to a University that does not provide ample resources for research areas or specialization suitable for you. There are other factors to consider like the location, cost of study, alumni, placement record etc. Consider all of these and take advice from industry experts.
  1. Application Essays: This is the most crucial part of your application and can make or break your dream of getting into your dream school. Always remember to think out of the box and be innovative. The essays are a chance for you to communicate to the admissions committee who you are and how you will contribute to their University. Personal incidents are NOT a ‘put-off’. Essays speak out your story, be it a special circumstance or a broken relationship- anything worth sharing is a MUST TELL. Talking about university specifics such as clubs, student organizations, faculty, projects etc. in the essays make them stronger. Always include your long-term and short-terms goals or any specific research interests that you have and your reason for pursuing the specific course.
  1. Profile Building: Even if you are a student with a perfect SAT/GRE/GMAT score and have an excellent academic and professional record, remember each student applying to the Ivy Leagues will have almost the same or better credentials than you. It is good to be confident, but don’t be overconfident. Universities select their candidates based on a lot of components like: test scores, work experience, extra-curricular activities, admission essays, compelling life stories etc., so you might not know when you get weeded out in the competition. Hence a student should make ample efforts to participate in co-curricular activities, community service engagements etc. to make their profile stand out in the crowd. You should come across as an all rounder.
  1. Present your Original self: Very often, students try to be someone else and do not present their true self in the application. Do not have pre-conceived notions about the things the Ivy League Universities look for in their candidate. They are often looking for diverse individuals with varied life experiences. There is almost never ‘a specific list ‘of qualities/accomplishments that the admission officers look for. Be honest and give your true portrayal.

Special Information for DU students and students having a three-year Bachelors Degree

As opposed to the belief that ALL USA universities require students to have a 4-year Bachelor’s degree, there are many Universities now who are accepting student’s having a 3- year bachelor’s degree. So don’t shy away from applying!

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