Everything You Need to Know About the New iPhone SE



Apple launched its new 4-inch offering, the iPhone SE on Monday. Claimed to be the ‘most powerful 4-inch phone in the world’, the iPhone SE is basically a result of combining the metal design of the 2013 iPhone 5S and the powerful innards of the current Apple flagship, the iPhone 6S. Aiming to please the people in emerging and budget-conscious markets like India with a ‘cheaper’ smartphone, the ‘SE’ in its name stands for- Special Edition.

Read below for all the info:


Image 1- Screen


Image 2- Storage


Image 3- Chip and Camera


Image 4- Everything else


Image 5- Price

The most interesting thing is that had Apple priced it below the 30K mark, sales would have rushed through the roof once launched, breaking all sales records in the process. But the near 40K mark might pose a problem, since the better, 4.7 inch iPhone 6S, complete with the 3D touch, currently retails on online websites for as low as                       ₹ 40,000. Why would anyone, except the people who love small-screen phones, downgrade or actually *horror of horrors* opt for the same features barring the 3D touch, in a small form factor, for almost the same price?

Apple, yeh tune kya kiya?



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