The Good Ol’ Examination Blues


Well everyone, we have reached that point in the semester again. This is that time of the year when the procrastinators, jocks, prom queens and the cool kids of the world have the universal constipated expression on every face that your eyes stop to look at in college. Guess When? Well you got it, it’s an easy one. It’s when you see the date sheet crawling all over the notice board announcing proudly and majestically that the mighty exams are approaching. A series of nightmares follow. Brows curled up, creases and perspiration all over the forehead; you prepare yourself for the inevitable. It is academic crisis time. Everybody has a different way of dealing with it.

With the anxiety levels on an all time high, the mid terms made us wobbly to our knees. The thoughts about getting the highest marks this semester are long gone and the only hope being the one sitting before you took college more seriously than you did!

All of a sudden, you’re relenting the late night movies or TV series, the society doesn’t seem fun anymore but a burden, and you’re calculating the exact number of hours you wasted ‘socializing’and ‘partying’.

Memes and trolls on social media discussing exam phobia are becoming unbelievably relatable all of a sudden. The faith in religion is restored.

During exam days, every emotion, every activity and every feeling is magnified to ten times the usual. Even if you’ve never before missed home, you spend hours weeping and wailing over your ‘good’ old days back at home. Hunger reaches its highest levels possible which explains the new flab hanging out from all sides. The ultimate desire to sleep has never been stronger and the excuse to ‘freshen our minds’ makes us play the meanest games in our mobile phones.

So tensed we are, that we don’t even spare the lavatory in planning the notes we would study next and when back in room, with the notes right in front of our eyes, we sit and dream of how cool it would be if we had those Doremon’s learning breads which we could put onto our notes and then eat with all the information printed on them. The smallest and the most stupid, unnecessary, creepiest ‘non discussable’ discussions generate the highest attention in our neurons. From politics to nail polishes to awful songs, we discuss it all!

The best we can do is ask around how much other people have studied and bore them with how we ended up studying not a word the whole day.

Our behavior during exams, if nothing, is hilarious. We can witness people studying in unimaginable positions, promising themselves how they’d study from the very start of the next semester.

So, for all of those who could relate to the above written lines, who could see their story in it, who smiled to themselves all through it, and for the incorrigible ones who plan to do all of this yet again, good luck for the upcoming exams.

All I can say is, ‘Damn the exam!



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