Five Must Watch Indian Web Series

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The low budget web series has become a popular platform bringing with it a new wave of online entertainment. Young and creative individuals and their  collaborative efforts  have helped ideate shows that cater to the majority of youth. These shows are super-urban, short and snappy, and unlike Indian TV shows (thankfully!).

Here are some Indian web series, you must watch.



TVF Pitchers has a brilliant story of trials and tribulations of four entrepreneurs who quit their job in order to develop their own start-up company. The first season consist of five episodes and makes you ask for more. The show begins with “tu kya hai?” and proves that this show is about all those young entrepreneurs who want quit their jobs and start afresh. The story revolves around four friends who have an idea, a dream – to be masters of their will, not a slave of someone else’s. It all begins at a bar when Naveen gets drunk and inspired by the words of his mentor, Bhati, a young entrepreneur who tells him, “tu beer hai, aur teri company bottle.” Like beer, this show flows and is addictive. Also, you can binge watch it considering the number of shows.



Another show by TVF and is presented in association with CommonFloor. It is a story of a couple who was in a long distance relationship for too long (3 years), and is a contemporary take on relationships. It is the third most-watched web series on YouTube. The show focuses on the journey of a relationship and does not follow the traditional sitcom format. The guy leaves his job in US to marry his partner and comes back to India to find out that she isn’t ready. They finally decide to live-in, and the story begins from here.


Bring on the Night is a TV mini series which actually aired on MTV. It is a bi-lingual series and has a huge following on YouTube. The show focuses on the lives and struggles of a young entrepreneur and his three other friends. They set out to turn a 200 year old building into an underground all night party destination. Together, they succeed in making it a place where party flows all night, and night come alive, night after night.



This show about first and second generation Indians is hilarious and an excellent take on the emotions and opinions of Indians in America. It is punchy, clever and perfectly-dosed. This show has a bunch of friends coming up with ideas for TV shows, described by themselves, “some people are too naive to make it in Hollywood. We are those people.” This show would definitely make you laugh and is a must watch.



In a six-part web series, the leading lady takes viewers through the hilarity of life as a first generation desi, making light of themes like sexism, racism, hypocrisy and narrow-mindedness. The story is not new but is bold and bluntly honest about desi experience, and hilarious. “she is trying to live the ‘American dream’ that comes with its share of ups and downs, while keeping the pressure of pleasing her traditional family at bay.”



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