The Game of Admissions


And who are you, the proud examiner said.
That I must give you marks?
Only a cat with too much hope,
That’s all the truth I know.
In a coat of science, or a coat of arts,
A lion’s got to have marks.
They may be high, but never high enough.
It isn’t easy getting the top spot.

And so I start with just how much of a Joffrey Baratheon admission and entrance season can be.


If you are waiting for Game of Thrones- Season 7, then I’m sure you’re having a hard time not thinking about it. This fellow fan is no different and all of this excessive thinking has led me to the genius realization that this brilliant series isn’t purely a work of fiction at all: it’s a long allegory for admissions and entrances. Not convinced?  Ask any student who has had to or has been going into trial by combat every other week lately, with a pen for a sword and Multiple Choice Questions for opponents.

Yes, this whole admission frenzy is a rather GoT-esque affair. Except here, it’s a battle for power amongst the members of your own house. I just wish House Science, House Commerce and House Arts could sound half as fancy as House Targaryen, House Lannister, House Stark etc. You didn’t realize just how grand your life is, till you read this, did you?

But what’s the deal with so many desperate hopefuls vying for one cold, hard seat? It really is a fierce hunger, this hunger that has you dreaming of grabbing yourself a throne in an IIT or AIIMS or DU. You finally begin to understand Cersei’s readiness to fall to all sorts of lows as the hunger instills in you the willingness to leave no stone unturned in getting that spot. Lives are risked, friendships put on hold and temptation gives way to your gruesome, dark side. While some apply their clever heads to strategize, others resort to cheating, lying, and treachery- okay maybe not all of that but you get the idea.


You’ve never really liked seeing them, but you form an alliance with text books and mock papers. Each of you manage to find a Varys of your own in coaching centers that slide you nuggets of important information, collected from all sorts of nooks and corners (read: previous years’ papers). Parents and relatives chant Valar Morghulis as the sword of “your-parivaar-ki- izzat” and “Sharma ji’s son” dangle above your head, ready to end your game as soon as you stop applying Valar Dohaeris in your life. At this point, all the helplessness and panic may even lead some to devote themselves to the Faith of the Seven and leave it to the gods to set everything right.

But don’t you let the white walkers that are exams and admissions get to you because there’s always a silver lining. So, you must hold the door. (Never getting over that)


You may be a Sansa, being tossed around by different houses because somewhere, you got too influenced and lost control of your life or you may be an Arya who’s handling some rough terrain but your badass self will eventually find a way. But if you’re one lucky son of a gun, you may be Tyrion and you can just sass your way out of your troubles. But no matter what happens, don’t be a Ned. Please. It isn’t very safe. (Never getting over that either)


But hey, real talk: we should be glad that our lives aren’t half as gory as GoT and this chaos to get into a college is a rather petty affair compared to all that goes down in Westeros. In the game of thrones, you win or you die but in the game of admissions, there’s only win. If this is sounding overly positive, then let me remind you that Jon Snow came back to life and good things do happen!

As cliché as it sounds, you really will find a throne that was custom-made for you, irrespective of whether others consider it a throne. It doesn’t matter what path you choose as long as you are Mother of Dragons or Lone Ranger enough to keep treading on. I hope you’ve got your armor on, ‘cause now your watch begins.

PS: In case you feel like beheading me for all the mixed up references, a girl is no one and has no name. Valar Morghulis.

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