Guidelines for an Outstation Student in Delhi


The admission season is almost over now. All the bags must be unpacked, and all you outstation kids out there must be extremely happy with this new found freedom and independence but it comes with responsibility, and a lot of everyday struggle. So, here we help you to make your life a little easier.

Assuming that the accommodation issue would have been solved by now, even if you couldn’t make it to the college hostel, as North campus has a lot of PGs and flats for rented residence in Shakti Nagar, Roop Nagar and ever beaming with crowd Kamla Nagar. If you’re in South Campus, look for places in Green Park, Satya Niketan, RK Puram and Sheikh Sarai.

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The problem arises when you have to manage money.

About the money..

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Gone are the days when you used to be rich and you used to shop unthinkingly. College makes you responsible and it teaches you budgeting. It’s time you realize how expensive everything is and how money just slips out of your pockets but you have to save it, till the end of the month. Well, do not become a miser either. Money does not buy happiness but it does buy you the means to happiness like food and clothes.


Oh, food!


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Food would be the prime issue you would have to deal with, no matter which hostel or PG you are in. You would go for lunch/dinner and you would actually utter, “Wait! Is that potato, again?”

North Campus has variety of food outlets to solve this problem for you. If you want chicken and you’re broke (which you will be, no matter how wisely you spend), you can go to Al-Sageer in Patel Chest. You would get delicious biryani, kebabs, and what-not at a very low price; although this place appears a little shady. You may also try Shawrama, Chowringhee for all kinds of rolls. These are small outlets but if you want to go to a really nice place, just walk out. You would find numerous restaurants and cafes around you. If you love South Indian food, there is Anna’s (also called, South Indian Cafe) near the VC lawns inside PG Men’s Hostel.

South campus folks! you have Satyaniketan. Try out ‘Big Yellow Door’ there, it’s really popular in north campus too.

Visit Majnu ka Tila too for delicious Tibetan food and some really nice cafes where you can sit all day long with just a cup of coffee/tea and read a book you like or have discussions with your friends.

For your midnight cravings, you stock it up. Keep some munchies, milk, chocolates, fruits with you. You would get it all at 9/11 in Vijaynagar and 24/7 in Kamla Nagar. You would also find a lot of general stores to buy all this.



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You have got your Sarojini Nagar, Janpath, Lajpat Nagar, Palika, Kamla Nagar along with your ‘Forever 21’ and ‘H&M’, and your Select Citywalk, Saket. Need I say more?

Explore Paharganj too for some really cool hippy stuff.


College Societies


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In Delhi University, you get a lot of options to decide which society you would like to be a part of. Do join at least one society, they help you grow. It’s okay to miss some classes for events. Scoring well in exams is not enough anymore; you have to learn to multi-task now. College life is about personal development, make the most of the opportunities you get but do not overburden yourself.


Places to explore


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Make the most of these three years, have fun, explore as much as you can. You will be in your third year worrying about a lot of things even before you realize it. Time flies away and it will. Remember what Keating taught his students in ‘Dead Poets Society’, “Carpe Diem!”. Seize the moment, you guys.



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Go out with friends and enjoy yourself. You don’t have to be locked up to assure your safety but you are away from your family and it’s natural for them to worry about your whereabouts. So, try to be a responsible kid and keep them informed.


Face it all

As you would meet more people, you would face more stereotypes; probably associated with your region or the way you talk or dress. Do not bother, just smile. Take criticisms positively. You are here for personal growth, focus on your development. Put your game face on and enjoy the three years you have. Time flies away, make the most of it.


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