Handling the quarter-life crisis!


“A goal properly set is halfway reached”

Just after school finishes one clings on to the strong belief that after landing up in a college of choice, life will be easier. Thereafter, after a happy college life when you look forward for directions, there are none. This perhaps is the make or break age in terms of what you choose for yourself. The choices you make and the decisions you take at this stage of your life will be one major factor which reflect upon what your life is going to look like ultimately.

Majority of the students go apprehensive about their own skills and potential. Interests always take up a back seat when it comes to talking about a secured future. In the hunt of stability, one goes numb on what he/she likes to do. What field of study to choose? Your interest whether in science or arts gets somewhere directed towards finding a job and living with it. What stands as the most crucial factor is the fact that we cannot grow just by fulfilling our greed for stability. One needs to take risks, even while choosing their stream of study, but how?

Even if you have sufficient resources like internet and web portals, it cannot be guaranteed that you will set proper goals. The major break even points are the lack of proper knowledge and prospects to channelize them. You will only be able to convince yourself when you are finally aware of your skills, interest in respective study fields and at the same time knowing … to read the article, click here!


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