Here’s Why You Should Look Forward to SNU’s Breeze’16


Breeze brings along with it the three most awaited days for all SNUites.  From dressing to the nines to going completely berserk while dancing in the DJ night, every moment adds to our memory bank. Previous editions of Breeze witnessed successful events from the top clubs of SNU. The evenings were studded with amazing stars like Javed Ali, Raghu Ram, Neha Kakkar and performances of famous bands such as Astitva.  Crazy adventure sports, Fashion fiesta, along with technical and sports events added to the excitement of the day.


“Aagaz” – The street play competition, organized by Imprints- Dramatics Society of SNU, had participation from over 20 colleges.  Some cult performances by top notch dramatics societies of Delhi University on key social issues were put up by the teams. Other fascinating events such as “Dialoguebaazi” and “The Dumb Show” depicted sheer acting and creative skills. All were left flabbergasted by the magic and the subtle charm cast by these events.

“Aagaz, the street play event was one of the most whopping events last year. We had 11 teams from different colleges performing the most beautiful street plays SNU had never seen, making it a resplendent event of about 4 hours.”- Nikhil Miglani, Organizer, Imprints.

Inferno, the Dance Society of SNU, endows fathomless zest and exuberance; they dance out their thoughts, actions and emotions. Some of the breathtaking dance performances were showcased through the gala event “Singularity” wherein the dancers had to match to the altering song speeds and beat the mixing genres. The spirit was spiced up by other mesmerizing events namely “Twin Paradox” and “Time Wrapers”.


The music society of SNU, Snuphoria organized events that made the audience sway their hands and bang their heads to thrilling beats. “Crescendo” – the battle of bands rocked the stage with dynamism, vocal acrobatics and instrumental riffs. A solo singing competition “Armonia” was organized to display the talent of people with versatile voices and vocal prowess. To top it all, “Acoustyx” – a fusion music event showcasing the blend of Western and Indian music, creating a brilliant musical extravaganza.

The best and the most awaited part of this annual mega event is the “Ball Night”.  Everybody is involved in celebrating the beauty of swaying to the divine rhythm of romantic numbers. Special titles and prizes were given to the best dressed couple and individuals. This night is always full of excitement and enjoyment.

“My best friend wore a tux and I wore a dress, she stole all my thunder.” – Divija and Lahari (cutest couple, Ball night 2k15), Sophomores

“I got my partner to wear suspenders and we spent the night slow dancing to jazz. It was like a proper date.” – Kattyayani and Ninaad,  Sophomores



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