Ramjas College in Retrospect


Ramjas College is one of the oldest colleges of University of Delhi, and we all know it as a co-educational institution, located in University Enclave, North Campus. But what many of us are not aware of is the fascinating history attached to the college.

The great educationist and philanthropist, Rai Kedar Nath, founded Ramjas College in 1917. Beginning from the humble confines of Darya Ganj in Old Delhi, the College was named in memory of Lala Ramjas, father of Rai Kedar Nath. In its starting days, the college was run by the Ramjas Foundation – an educational foundation that runs schools and educational institutions in Delhi. When University of Delhi was formed in 1922, there were just three colleges to be first established and brought under the University- Ramjas College, Hindu College and St. Stephen’s College. After Delhi University was formed, the government took control over the college, but Ramjas Foundation kept looking over its administrative works. Since then, Ramjas has been a humble part of DU and in its early course, has been relocated several times.

In 1924, the college was moved to a new campus at Anand Parbat, known as Kala Pahad back then, in Delhi. The college was then inaugurated at its new location by Mahatma Gandhi, who was also a good friend of Rai Kedar Nath. But during World War II, the college had to relinquish its campus at Anand Parbat to Allied forces. In the same period, when Quit India Movement was initiated, a group of Ramjas students even went ahead and joined the freedom struggle, which resulted in them being arrested and jailed. A plaque with their names inscribed on it has been put up near the college auditorium gate in memory of the brave students.

The college was repositioned to its current location in 1950. The present building was inaugurated by the first President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad on January 17, 1951. His daughters were even a part of the college alumni. After the death of Rai Kedarnath, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, the founder of Constitution of India and first Minister of Law and Justice of India, acted as the Chairman of Governing Body of Ramjas College, the only College in Delhi that had the honour of having him in its Governing Body.

Presently, Ramjas is among the top institutions in India. The college has steadily climbed all India rankings. For 2015, the college was ranked in Top 20 Colleges in Science, Humanities and Commerce in terms of factual ranking on an all India level. The college has an esteemed faculty of scholars trained at leading universities in India and abroad.

Featured Image Credits- Pratyush Paras Sharma, University Express Media


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