How To Be A Trendsetter: College Style Guide For The Fest Season


Delhi University’s fest season is the most anticipated event for the fuchchas. I remember in my first year I was so eager for the fests and went to every college for the competitions and star night because we just couldn’t afford to miss them. As the fest season is on and colleges are all ready to be visited by superstars, we, too, should be ready to visit them in the most fashionable way.

Sometimes we tend to overdo things when we get dressed for such occasions because we want to look our best and frankly, who doesn’t? But the tip is to keep things simple.

Have a look at these styles and get inspired!


  • Jeans & Shirts never go out of fashion

The most ordinary yet stylish look you can get is by wearing a light coloured jeans with a shirt. Going with sneakers and loafers as a footwear will add to your style quotient. (P.S: Ditch those fitted jeans, else you won’t be able to dance to your heart’s content to those Punjabi songs.)



  • Layering is the pro
    Best for the skinny people, wearing a denim jacket or shirt over a tee will give you a sporty look. A beanie is the excellent accessory to hide those messy hair and it’ll also keep you warm and cozy!

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  • Go sophisticated with the turtle neck
    Turtleneck might be vintage but they will surely work well for this fest season. You remember wearing them when you were kids, so let’s try them again but with a slight twist. Try turtleneck with joggers and sneakers. (PS: Turtlenecks aren’t just meant for women so carry them with confidence and ease.)

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  • Leather jackets for a rocking appeal
    Let’s look like a star on the star night, shall we? A leather jacket always stands by your side for every party. Style it simply with Chelsea boots, denims and accessories for a rocking look.

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  • Sweaters for a semi-formal look
    Sweaters are a pro for the fest look. They are the go-to pieces for every occasion. Wear long line cardigans if you don’t want to go with the formal and old sweaters. White sneakers with solid sweaters are the perfect timeless look.

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