How to Evade your Parents this Valentine’s Day


If I had any V-day plans, honestly I would just announce it out loud to my family members. Not because I have super-cool parents or anything. It’s just that they wouldn’t ever believe that I have a boyfriend and they would all just laugh it off. #ForeverSingle

But for all you love-birds out there, I’ve racked my brain to help you dodge the angry birds in your life a.k.a. your parents.

  • Ek teer, do nishaane

Surprise your parents by setting up a romantic valentine’s date for them. Whether it’s movie tickets or a table-booking at their favourite restaurant, make them an offer they can’t refuse! While they enjoy sweet moments of bliss, you could carry out your own blissful plans simultaneously with ease.

If you’re confident enough, you can also try planning a mini-vacation.


  • Get a partner in crime

Your best bet is your sibling, or any other trusted family member in case of a joint family. They are the ones who can keep a close eye on your parents anytime.

They’ll be the ones who would give you a heads up in case your parents start to grow suspicious or make a move that could get you caught. Or even better, handle the situation themselves. It all boils down to how close you are with them (or how well you’ve bribed them.)

If you have a good connection with your neighbor, that could work too. Just beware if you have stereotypical gossiping aunties in your locality; their eyes can put CCTV cameras to shame.


  • Friends to the rescue!

No matter how much confidence you have in your partner in crime, there is always that chance that they might fail. Thus, you would be needing other confidantes.

In case your parents end up calling you, you can tell them that you’re with your friends. And why would they believe that? You get them on conference call with your friends! If done right, it would definitely give the impression that your friends are actually present with you. Make sure that your friends know about this in advance so that your buddies are not startled and know how to play it cool. You should all be on the same page. It would help if you have pre-clicked photos of you and your friends ready. You can show them to your parents as proof once you return back home. If you please, you can even put a fake check-in on Facebook!


  • Do it ‘Jab We Met’ style

Remember the scene when the characters of Shahid and Kareena sneak out of her home to escape to Manali? When they’re caught by her sister running towards the main road, they take a detour to the roof of the house. It turns out to be the safest place possible as none of her family members would expect them to be back at the house.

If your V-day plan is a late-night one, why not spend it under the starry sky on the roof?

Tell your parents that you’re off to sleep, stack some pillows under your blanket so that it seems like a person sleeping, and finally sneak upstairs. They probably wouldn’t want to disturb your slumber, so you’d have nothing to worry about.

Worst case scenario: Your parents find out you’re not in your room.

In this case, you can always come down back home in a jiffy claiming that you just needed some fresh air. Remember this would only be possible provided your partner in crime texts/calls/bat-signals you right on time.


While sneaking out can be fun, getting caught isn’t. So you’ve got to be quick, smart, and alert.


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