How Your Family Members Judge Your Boyfriend


That day when our family gets to meet our boy, the day we know our entire family is going to judge the man we bring home, the day they will try to make our sweetheart feel the most uncomfortable he probably would ever be!

Your heart is pounding, you keep glancing at everyone at dinner the previous night trying to judge their reactions and nervously spend the night thinking about what could happen the next day – though Bollywood may not have a movie called ‘Meet the Boyfriend’ – here’s our list of typical reactions on boyfriends from some our super masala movies.

A never convinced father (Ashutosh Rana as Mr. Singh, Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya)

His killer expressions and words dipped in pure sarcasm are a clear sign that it’s a big NO for your boy. He is no match for the darling daughter. The paternal gaze, those indirect taunts and impossible challenges that he throws at your boy; these are clear signs that your father wants your boy to prove himself and to take his daughter home or forget her entirely and see her being married off to a rich and handsome man, with a personality that will surely be exactly opposite to your man’s.


An overly protective brother (Arbaaz Khan as Vishal Thakur, Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya)

We are sure that your boy will try to fight your brother (as Salman Khan did in the movie) and ended up beaten black and blue. Nevertheless, it doesn’t change the fact that an Indian family is incomplete without an overprotective brother. Just like Vishal Thakur, your brother would have already made up his mind that your boy is neither competent nor man enough to be taken seriously. He is going to try his best to show you that this boy you have chosen is as worthless as your unconvinced father thinks. So, BEWARE, make Suraj (Salman Khan) your inspiration and don’t lose hope!

A confused mother (Farida Jalal as Lajjo, Dilwale Dulhaniya le Jaayenge)

Don’t expect any help from her side initially. She is a true form of ‘Pati-vrata Patni’ and the fear/love of her husband will not let her support you openly- but you can take her silence as her approval. Who knows one day if things don’t work accordingly, like Lajjo, she could also tell you two to run away and protect your love! Have faith in this mother and start your fight of acceptance. After all, every dilwala gets his dulhaniya in the end!


A ready to help Dadaji (Kader Khan as Vishwanath Pratap Singh, Kunwara)

No matter how this movie scored at the box office, the role of Kader Khan as a supportive but scared dadaji was unbeatable. Every household has a Vishwanath Pratap Singh, secretly making plans for you two to succeed in your endeavor. Get him on your side girl! He is an adorable dadaji who is going to be there to cover up for every single mistake your boy makes and conspiring against his own son to help him win. Three cheers for such dadaji. He truly deserves it!


A flirtatious sister (Saumya Tandon as Roop, Jab we Met)

Haven’t we all had a sister or a super close friend who is like a sister to us try to flirt with our yummy boy-friend? Those cute gestures are good enough to make even Shahid Kapoor blush. But overall it’s a win-win situation. Get your boy to befriend her since – She will do anything to help her cute jiju, so your chances of winning are high!

In any case, if Govinda can dance his way to the hearts of his lady love’s family – then I’m sure your boy can too!


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