Indian Habits That Are Slowly Killing You


“We are what we eat”, so goes the saying. Our health is directly linked with the food habits. As an Indians however, our culture exposes us to certain health risks linked with our lifestyle and dietary habits. According to WHO, by the year 2025, India will be the diabetes capital of the world. What are our habits that are making us ill?

1. High Carbohydrate Diet

An average Indian diet includes multiple options for daily meals such as wheat, rice and potatoes. These carbohydrate rich options are usually coupled with options having an extremely high sugar content such as sweetened desserts. An increase in the amount of consumption of carbohydrates in the country has also led to an increase in the level of obesity in the nation.

2. Snacking

Snacks between proper meals are a quintessential part of Indian culture. Most traditional Indian snacks are fatty in nature due to their ingredients. Examples include samosas, namkeens and bhelpuris which are made of processed items like refined oils, white flour, refined sugars and so on. These foods however are not enough to satiate hunger making it necessary to have multiple snacks between meals which in turn puts us Indians at a risk for obesity.

3. Late Dinners

Considering the evening is the most important snack time, dinner is usually not served till fairly late in the night which is close to the time one goes off to sleep. Since dinner is usually a very heavy meal and not enough time is given to the fats to break down, it leads to deposition in the body.

4. Frying

We can fry anything and we fry everything. Even though a lot of our staples are super healthy, our love for deep frying tends to negate all the nutritional value. For example, Paneer is one of the healthiest foods available, but a paneer pakora is nothing but calories.

5. Over cooking

We like our vegetables very well cooked, often leaving them to cook for hours. While we do this all the nutrients in the dish  evaporate with the water thus giving us food that is tasty but not healthy. This can be avoided by using recipes that don’t call for very long cooking times.

6. Masala

While in the right quantities all masalas like turmeric, cumin, fennel and asafetida are great for the different functions of your body, and over dose of them mostly plays havoc with your digestive system. Another culprit for this is chilies that we just love, in the right quantity it is a big irritant for your bowels.


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