Justin Bieber performs in Mumbai and we are not pleased!


So, here’s why I could spot an omen foretelling the aftermath of Baby hitmaker Justin Bieber’s concert in Mumbai. Just when the attendees of the concert perceived the concert to have ended, Bieber came out with Sorry and as is customary courtesy the onus taken up by Chris Martin, there is nothing better than seeing an international pop star and his crew dancing while waving the Indian tricolor as a crowd of sweat-soaked attendees revel in the infused patriotism. It was as if Bieber could anticipate the repercussions of his lip-syncing act and hence “is it too late now to say sorry?” with the Indian flag waving behind him.  Visibly perturbed by the stifling heat whilst lip syncing onstage, Bieber was perhaps on too tight a schedule that would permit him to acclimatize to the weather of Mumbai.


Another disconcerting factor is Bieber’s promotional agency and the Terms & Conditions which it stipulates for every concert. The quintessential joyrides are non-negotiable assets that must be procured to get Justin Bieber to land on your shores and yet, that is not all for Bieber’s agency instructs that his act cannot be preceded by other singing acts, the only ones that can precede him are DJ acts which enlightens us to the reason behind the tamer acts which opened for Bieber in Mumbai leading up to his 90-minute botched up routine. Photo-ops are another one of those non-negotiable assets that go along in Bieber’s concerts and hence the interaction with underprivileged kids who incidentally mistook the Grammy award winner for a wannabe Grammy award winner, Honey Singh!

Ever since news about Bieber’s India concert was confirmed, the event organizers going by the name of White Fox productions who spent a belter of close to 4 million$ to get Bieber to India have been hailed by one and all for fostering the music scene in India and yet at closer perusal, the way the concert went down, it seems like the audience were conned and those who missed it were able to escape a farce. Considering that White Fox signed Bieber for the concert, they might have known the lip syncing plan. However public disclosure was avoided and hence, the concert was a nightmare for the ones who had purchased general tickets (INR 4000) as there were no speakers in the general stands and hence the voice was only audible from a distance.


The principal organizer, Arjun Jain is being hailed for doing what he did for the beliebers but essentially the experience that was promised to the audience never achieved fruition. The list of tall claims is endless as told by Arjun Jain to Your Story (https://yourstory.com/2017/05/arjun-jain-white-fox-startup/).

These tall claims were offset with how the concert actually fared for the audience among which, many were comparing the experience to being trapped in greenhouse with vendors nowhere to be seen, mineral water being priced at 100 rupees and a horrid state of the few washrooms at the venue. Not to forget watching a visibly tired Bieber pull of some half-hearted dance moves whilst barely lip syncing to his songs.

With the forgetful concert being passé, now the Beliebers were ready to quash those who dared to speak their mind on social media about the concert being a farce and a waste of time and money. Among those bearing the brunt were actress Sonali Bendre who after criticizing the concert was trolled mercilessly by Beliebers who brought her down with rather harsh tweets which claimed that the concert was a bigger hit than her film career. The trend of cyber trolling fails to acknowledge the fact that Sonali Bendre had a perfect right to speak her mind as someone who had been to the concert. Instead the beliebers held fort and victimized many who dared to speak out. Perhaps the reason behind their belligerence is the fact that no one wants to admit that they spent close to 75000 rupees to watch a forgetful concert wherein their idol lip synced to his own songs while the ones who stayed put at their homes revel in their timely decision of saving their money and not going broke, all at the cost of watching a lip-synced act.

Amidst this furor waiting to erupt everywhere, Bieber who could perhaps foretell the storm that was to come went absconding from the Bollywood after-party and the planned photo-ops, one of them being in the Taj hotel and flew to South Africa thus epitomizing thug life! #nofuckstogive

Now assuming that Bieber lives up to his promise of returning to India for another gig, everyone knows better than to invite him in this particularly torrid time of the year. So perhaps winters in Delhi would be the best bet!


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