Life of an Outstation Student


There are times when I hear my friends asking me “So, how do you find life in the big city?” or sometimes they just envy me saying “These outstation students can party as long as they want!” About a year and a half in Delhi now, the struggle of living a life away from home still continues. Apart from enjoying freedom at its best and the other obvious perks of being an outstation student, there are innumerable challenges to face in a new city. But above all, as an individual more than independence and freedom, living outside gives you a responsibility and a serious outlook towards life. You start valuing your folks and friends more than ever before. Meeting so many new people all the time and coming across different opportunities, you actually start to evolve and develop as a person coming out of the little bubble that you were living in till now.


Here are a few aspects of our life that change entirely after moving to a different city:

  • Accommodation

Living in a miniscule world all through your school life, coming to a hostel surely seems hard hitting at first. You have to adjust with all kinds of people from different walks of life. Delhi encompasses diversity like no other place and hence living in a hostel is surely going to give you a second family you will cherish forever. From doing your laundry to packing your own lunch you learn to actually manage life and step in the real world.


  • Food

With all these great eateries around Delhi, especially in the North Campus, you will end up being  broke by the end of the month. Hence, eating out always will be quite heavy on you as well as your pocket. Food in hostels ranges from being soupy to burnt and no matter how good the food is, you will always complain. In some time though you will get used to it but ‘ghar ka khana’ will always be your fantasy in college.


  •  Family

Yes, outstation people befriend a lot of people but the huge circle is also because they have too much of their emotional space to fill and offer. Living away from family leaves a big void in you. You crave company and support. There is nobody to comfort you in anxiety and trouble. Even though your friends in hostel and college are having your back, family will always be the first thing you miss when you are in a problem.


  • School /Old friends

College is usually welcoming to most of us. However, there are times you will miss your school friends. Living away from your town surely disconnects you a bit from your old mates. You will end up meeting them at most twice or thrice a year. But, then you have social media to make their importance felt.


  • Expenses

Managing money would be the trickiest part, trust me from my personal experience. There will always be something happening around the campus, maybe a fest or a food festival or a concert. As a fresher, you would be excited to attend everything which is great, but expensive too. You need to wisely segregate your needs and spend accordingly. By the end of the month, you would thank god for the bucks you saved to eat that plate of momos when you are starving after class.


There is every reason that outstation students should be proud of themselves. If you are one, give yourself that necessary appreciation.

You are doing good because you are doing it all on your own.


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