MBA student arrested for trying to blackmail Pizza Hut


A 25-yr old MBA student, Anil, has been arrested by the Mumbai police for trying to extort money from a local Pizza hut outlet.

As per the FIR filed on April 28 by Prashant Tambe, the fast food outlet’s manager, the accused had ordered four pizzas, two vegetarian and two non-vegetarian on April 3 for home delivery. After the delivery, he called up the outlet to complain that his religious sentiments were hurt when he ate a meat pizza, as the box did not have the mandatory label signifying the veg or non-veg contents of the box. He initially demanded  ₹ 1 crore as compensation for it. He later brought the amount down to ₹ 50 lakh and finally settled for ₹ 10 lakh, to be paid in weekly instalments of ₹ 25,000. Mr. Tambe, the manager tried to reason with Anil, even asking him to approach the consumer court for the whole case. However, Anil threatened to highlight the incident on social media, thus leading to loss of face for Pizza Hut.

The blackmail calls persisted till April 28, when the manager approached the police, who laid a trap and caught Anil red-handed accepting ₹ 25,000 from Tambe. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Pizza Hut India has said that the boxes were indeed labelled, as Pizza Hut is very stringent about strict quality control when it comes to serving their customers, and this was just a futile attempt to malign their chain’s reputation.




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