Moments and Memories from the Fest Season of 2016


All good things come to an end and so has the fest season, finally!

Fests in DU have a different charm altogether, with students dancing to the beats of the DJ, swaying with the music of exceptional bands and artists and hanging out with friends a little more than usual after the curfew timings of PGs. Sometimes, one even turns inarticulate when it comes to describing that feel.

The fest season for this year has just come to an end; students have made some everlasting memories that they will cherish all year long and even throughout their lives. However, life is not a bed of roses and everything has its pros and cons. You’ve got to keep your wallet safe, beware of people around you and what not! Excuse me for rambling.

So, just to end this season of star nights and remarkable music on a happy and emotional note, we’ve collected some stories and experiences of students who’ve been a part of this grand fest season.


“It has almost been a fortnight since Farhan Akhtar rocked the stage at SRCC. It was an amazing day but not so amazing evening. While I was going gaga for one of Farhan’s song and hopping on the ground, I thought that I should keep my purse in the front pocket of my jeans, and the next moment I felt someone taking it away. I grabbed the person’s hand immediately, but to my utter disappointment I could do nothing. I had lost two ATM cards, my Adhar card and some money along with my college ID card. The next half an hour passed away in blocking the ATM cards and cursing Farhan Akhtar! Haha.

Well jokes apart, I really feel happy to have got such a good bunch of friends who cheered me up. However, the most interesting part is yet untold! A week after the incident I received a Facebook message from an unknown guy saying, “Dude, I have your purse. Call me on this number!” Thanks to Nikkhilesh, an ex-SRCC student who found my purse lying on the ground (without the money obviously), but with all the other stuff safe in it. I’m glad there are still people like him.” –Yash, II Year (Kirori Mal College)


“I remember one of my friends was carrying his backpack hanging on his chest all the time during Mosaic’16 (Kapoor & Sons).  Suddenly, a random girl standing right next to him, asked him, “When are you due, Sir?”

I still end up laughing each time I think of the look on his face at that very moment.” –Vedant, II Year (Ramjas College) 


“Our seniors had always told us how fests were no fun after attending them once but we always disagreed and went for SRCC’s Crossroads. We were banging heads and showing our dance moves on Day 1 of Crossroads and enjoying to the core. There were times when there was a pause to the vocals and as we were standing there, I heard a happy and loud “HEY!”. As I looked to my right, there was a guy standing with his hand extended for a handshake and a wide smile on his face. I replied with a similar vibe and shouted my name just as he had. It was awkward for a while but the music set it all right. The awkwardness decreased and we spent the rest of the time together. After the concert, we went out for dinner at Hudson Lane. We talked about life and love and how Crossroads was the first fest that he had attended despite him being in his final year. After dinner, as we parted ways for the day, I told him my Facebook username for I was supposed to send him pictures for the day. A day later or two when I didn’t get to hear from him, I tried searching for him but in vain. Finally, on the last day of Crossroads, after Mohit Chauhan’s concert came to an end and I was thinking if I should any longer, I heard “HEY!”, which was followed by “WHERE WERE YOU!?” It took time for me to realize that it was the same guy. We realised he got my name wrong the first time round! Now we are finally friends!” -Sanvari, II Year (Kirori Mal College)


“A friend of mine was too shy to dance in front of anyone. We knew she was good, but she never danced and we tried a lot, but in vain. Then in my first year, we had Suraj Jagan performing at our college fest (god knows how great he was) and we forced our friend to join us. She started by moving a limb or two but as the music picked up it’s pace, so did her body. She danced so much and so well that day! We were amazed and happy. Since that day, she has never been shy of dancing in front of people. She has even performed a few times in college now. So, I guess that is one of the best things I remember and cherish about fests. Fests give you bigger wings than Red Bull!” –Deeksha, III Year (JDMC)
“That evening, after attending an amazing concert at SRCC, I came out with four of my friends and we started walking towards Ramjas where our car was parked. It was drizzling and we were walking on a footpath, partly happy, partly disappointed (as one of us had lost his belongings in the concert), when suddenly a man on a bike came speedily towards us, making his bike jump onto the footpath. It was actually pretty usual for a place like Delhi, but one of my friends (god knows what scared him) suddenly hopped and ran away from the bike as fast as he could. We burst out laughing! The man on the bike laughed too and went away. We still remember that funny look on our friend’s face as he ran for his life. Little things to cherish! The five of us then went to my friends’ flat and ordered some lip-smacking food while watching a horror movie together! Perfect times indeed!” –Anonymous
We’re sure you’ve got similar recollections too. If not, this is not the end; there’s always something better in store for us for the next time. We hope you guys live what you love!


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