Why Mumbai is one of the best for College Education

Mumbai University

This is where a right place is to stand and explore yourself in the world of education . Yes, it is Mumbai. Twist and turns, ups and downs, struggles of people… all bizarre stories of people you will find right here . Your main career starts after 12th which in turn becomes a turning point in your life; college education is the right place to settle your dreams and goals. Everyone wants to get more in less and a right path to walk there way .

It’s the start of your path .

Exposure- College Fests

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Nothing exemplifies the roller-coaster ride that is college life like a college fest. Anyone who has ever been a part of organizing a college fest knows it is half pure adrenaline rush and half total chaos. But at the end of the day nothing educates you like a college fest.

Metropolitan City

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Mumbai is the gateway of India and the financial and commercial capital of India and thus the powerhouse of the country. With a total population of over 19 million (2001), it is the sixth largest city in the world after Tokyo, New York, Seoul, Mexico City and Sau Paulo and the largest city in India. Mumbai contributes about 33% of the country’s income tax, 60% of customs duty and 40% of the foreign trade.

 Start ups – Internships

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As the global economy becomes more … well … global, the competition for good jobs continues to increase. You no longer have to simply be more qualified than the person next to you, you have to be more qualified than countless other all around the world. Going to a college or university is a critical step, but you can greatly enhance your classroom learning by gaining real world experience through college student internships.

 Mumbai – a BPO hub

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After graduation, what? Most students have no answer. This is a rat race, and everyone knows that: I must grab that job before anyone else does it, is the general mentality! However, not everyone knows what her/his rightful calling is. Anxiety rules. BPO firms know this. Hence, in order to alleviate the fear of tomorrow, some of these companies have started landing jobs to students .

 Staff and professors of colleges

Mumbai university

Mumbai is well known for the staff of its various colleges. Professors, teachers are well-educated and belong to highly affiliated universities . This increases the quality of teaching and standard of education which ultimately improves the job possession and career of one.

Mumbai is, undoubtedly, the correct place for everything.


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