Music Therapy To The Rescue


Coldplay, Taylor Swift. Justin Bieber. Selena Gomez. Yo Yo Honey Singh. Jazzy B. What do all your guilty pleasures have in common?

No matter how corny or crass their lyrics might be, it’s the melody that does wonders for you in more ways than one. Finally science we can get behind! Music relaxes us by automatically putting us in a better mood and it also boosts mental performance. It stimulates the adrenaline glands, which in turn releases energy in the body. Now you know why it’s so much easier to clean your room with the speakers blasting!

Teenagers especially are seldom seen without their earphones, and for good reason. It’s that magical time when hormones are haywire and you have more mood swings than a seesaw. Grow a little older and college greets you with a deadly cocktail of exam stress, complicated friendships and even more complicated relationships. Life can get pretty hard but music is something that can ease the journey no matter where you are in life. Science says it now, but this is ancient wisdom. Music and musical instruments have been around since the stone ages; in fact the oldest bone flute is about 60,000 years old. Music as therapy transcends both age and understanding. Even newborn babies are soothed with lullabies and rhymes because although they have no understanding of the words, it’s the rhythm and the beat that calms them down.

Audio therapy is not a new concept but it has gained credence in the recent past. The most appealing aspect of music therapy is that you don’t need to go to a doctor or a hospital for a session. Plus, it is also free and you can indulge in it whenever you’re in the mood. People suffering from depression are the biggest beneficiaries of music therapy. In cases where it has been used in the early stages, patients have been able to avoid medication altogether. Beats and tunes have an associative effect on our memories; that is the brain links memories with the music that was playing at the time. This is why families with Alzheimer’s patients find music to be a great help. You don’t have to be suffering from any disease or condition to let music be your messiah. Make it your constant companion to lead a calmer life. Research has also shown that couples that indulged in intercourse with a little bit of background music were more satisfied and attested to a higher level of intimacy as compared to those who made love in complete silence.

So the next time someone chides you for always having your headphones around your neck or listening to 90’s Govinda hits tell them about all the health benefits it has to offer.

Like the Bard said…If music be the food of life. Play on!


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