Nine Books to Read Before They Hit the Big Screen


Book readers all around the world will agree that the book is always better than the movie. I too am an avid book reader and firmly believe this because when we read books, we get to know the characters and the story better. So here’s a list of nine books that you should definitely read before they hit the big screen:

  1. The Long Home, William Gay

This extremely powerful debut novel by William Gay is about a young man named Nathan Winer, a carpenter who finds himself working for Dallas Hardin, the man who murdered his father years ago. This gripping tale beautifully portrays the classic battle between good and evil. The movie is expected to release this year.


  1. Before I Fall, Lauren Oliver

This book is about a girl named Samantha Kingston who has to live the last day of her life several times. This thought-provoking book teaches us how the actions of one person have an effect on so many others and how a single day can make a big difference. The movie will be releasing in March.


  1. All the Bright Places, Jennifer Niven

All the Bright Places is a heart-wrenching tale of two teenagers, Violet Markey and Theodore Finch. Violet wishes to escape the town and the memories of her sister’s tragic death while Theodore suffers from mental illness and is fascinated by death. The friendship of this suffering pair soon turns into a beautiful romance. The release date of the movie is not yet confirmed.


  1. Gerald’s Game, Stephen King

This is another addition to best-selling author Stephen King’s list of books that have been made into a movie. This psychological thriller is the story of a woman who kills her husband accidentally while she is handcuffed to the bed and who, with no means to escape, soon gives herself up to the voices in her head. The movie will be releasing this year.


  1. The Death Cure, James Dashner

The movie based on the final book in The Maze Runner trilogy will be hitting the theatres in January 2018. The story continues from when the protagonist Thomas and his Glader friends pass the Scorch Trials and embark on a journey to find a cure to the widespread deadly disease known as ‘The Flare’.


  1. The Mountain Between Us, Charles Martin

This is a story about a pair who survive a plane crash and get stuck on High Uintas Wilderness. Ben and Ashley, who suffer from terrible injuries, face the challenge of surviving in the wilderness in harsh weather conditions. The movie will be releasing in October 2017.


  1. Murder on the Orient Express, Agatha Christie

This is one of the best books written by the queen of crime! This novel features the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot who tries to solve a mysterious murder of one of the passengers on the Orient Express who was found dead in his compartment, stabbed a dozen times, with his compartment door locked from the inside. The movie will probably release in November 2017.


  1. The Circle, Dave Eggers

The movie starring Emma Watson and Tom Hanks is set to release in April 2017. It is the story of Mae Holland who is hired to work for the world’s best and most powerful internet company, the Circle. But soon things start to fall apart. This thought-provoking book raises questions about privacy, democracy and the limits of human knowledge.


  1. It, Stephen King

Another masterpiece by one of the best writers of horror and supernatural genre, it is a story about the eponymous being who uses the fears of its victims as a disguise while it is hunting its prey. ‘It’ mainly appears in the get-up of a clown in order to lure its preferred prey of little children. The movie will be releasing in September 2017.

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