Peek into DU Societies: Dance Societies, Living with Passion, Dedication and Rhythm

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College Societies under Delhi University, as you might have heard, might be places that give you the weapons to construct your career- be it on a very vocational field. Passions that we all have find way to glory many a times and these little clubs do much to direct, develop and dig your ground where you would place your foot later in life. Varsity life with a plethora of other things offers you the best societies to set your passions on fire. Let’s talk about dance societies today.

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  • What dance societies are like

A dance society is not just about dance, it is a place of self-discovery, great commitments and perusal of individualism in the most graceful lights. Dance societies across famous colleges like Miranda House, LSR, Ramjas, Sri Venkateswara etc. have been known to be few of the best dance societies that have proved their competence time and again and made exclusive names for themselves through their hard work, skills and smart functioning. 


  • Time and effort are musts, but how much?

Productions and routines at dance societies are tremendously engaging, and do require a lot of time and effort from the members. Preparation of pieces and working on each single perimeter of those call in for sheer dedication, involvement and perfection. A dance society that achieves large puts in the best energies through rigorous practices and cumbersome routines. 


  • We would love to get into one, but how to go about it?

To test your chance about making it to a dance society, all you have to do is go take up an audition and dance to the best of your ability. It could be a minute long performance or even less. If your college dance society thinks you have the needful passion and catches the spark in your dance, then you might be lucky enough to get roped in to the society. An initial level of difficulty owing to various factors would get shaken off with time and you might just be making your way grand into the future through your zealous commitment. 


  • Might now, we inspire you with a few more words of encouragement from passionate dancers here in Delhi University?

“Those sleepless nights and rigorous practices make it all the worth in the end, because there is so much to explore in the dance circuit that you just cannot get enough of.”  – Madhulika Handoo, Miranda House, 3rd year student, member at TANZ-the MH Western Dance Society


“When I did get through the dance society, after the grueling rounds of selection, I had no idea what it really meant except the glamour of the course. There was need for commitment and dedication. And this was my  ‘us against the world’ family.”– Chandrica Barua, Lady Shri Ram College, Pass Out member at Dance Soc, LSR.


The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. And now if you are one of those who think that dance is just a dance, you might want to rethink, rephrase and rediscover.

The level of happiness that the members of any society experiences after putting up a great piece is unparalleled. True talent, they say never stays in the dark for long and Delhi University societies are a great way of realizing your moxie.


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