Peek into DU Societies: Music Societies in DU – Melodies, You and DU


Stating music as just a hobby would be an understatement, it is a way of life. College being the best three years of your life, music can be the best part of those three years if you track down the best place for your hobby. It is not just a treat for people who want to sing or play instruments but also for the ones who love to be an audience.

There are a variety of music societies ranging from core Indian classical music to Western Music. Music is an inevitable part of our lives and student life with almost all sorts of moods and zones and it is a known fact that music complements every single situation in our lives. Thousands of students from different states and backgrounds take admission in DU each year and we therefore know that we are no less on talent here. Talent needs a proper gateway for execution and Delhi University is one of the best platforms to showcase one’s skill and enhance them.

Several tests take place within the university and with each passing fest, colleges compete amongst their contemporaries. The environment of cut-throat competition leads to melodies rhyming across all the campuses. The rigorous practice sessions and the flamboyant performances are the results of these fests. Each passing day is no less than any celebration in this world and music is the perfect embellishment to it. Some of the very famous music societies in DU are – The western music society of Lady Shri Ram College for Women called (WMS) The Western Choir, Geetanjali (The Indian choir of Miranda House), Swaranjali (Music society Hansraj College) and Alaap (Indian Music Society of IPCW College).


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Several students who are a part of it and work extremely hard to outperform all others consider it a refreshing break from their course and the overloaded burden of their tests and assignments. They treat it as the prefix to their college life. It’s not just a break from the mainstream course and studies but few of them also discover the prospective careers in music and take it ahead after college. Their own college is the best platform for all sorts of reviews and criticisms for their new creations and melodies and therefore it’s a treat for you if you have a good music society in your college, even if you’re not a part of it.


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