Peek into DU Societies: Lights, Camera, Action! – Dramatics Society of DU


If you are already witnessing the long Black kurta clad group of people raising their voices of a matter with drums in their hands, loud sheering voices, an aura of infinite energy and enthusiasm then you are undoubtedly experiencing a Street Play society of DU. Out of all the major societies that the DU colleges expose its students to, Dramatics is one of them. Not only has it introduced you to the world of theatre but also through the path of self-discovery by living the varied characters that the drama deals with. If you are a cinema devotee or enjoy theatre as a religion and couldn’t help to notice the intricacies that lie behind delivering a drama or simply are an enthusiast for dramatics then this society is the one for you!

The Natak Mandli or Street Play society is so full of charisma that one can’t help escape through the zeal in their performance that gives goosebumps due to the exuberance and vigour. As every great act is backed by undying spirit of great efforts, similarly, a lot lies behind putting a great show in the Dramatics society as well. It’s not only about the acting but also about costumes, props, lights, script and a lot more which goes unnoticed but is irrefutable when it comes to a Nukkad Natak or a Stage Play. Besides the undying dedication and passion for drama what this society demands, in addition, is the time that goes in its refinement and enactment right from the scratch. With orientations going around in colleges for new bunch of drama lovers to take a leap in the society what the freshmen needs to bear in mind is to carry incessant energy and sparkle in their personality which is ready to get shaped and adapted in the skin of any character.


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DU already has a lot of famous dramatics societies in its due, some of them being , Ibtida- Hindu college, The Dramatics Society of SRCC, Street Theatre Society of STGB Khalsa College, Natuve – The Street Play Society of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College among others.

“It stimulates creativity and one’s ability to explore hidden talents through discovering different scenarios, so, if you are enthusiastic enough and have the quest to learn then this is the place for you” says Simran Gandhi, who has been the part of Abhivyakti, Maitreyi College.

What this society will give you in return is boundless. Not only does it familiarize you with all the theatre components and contingencies but also builds a sense of self-esteem and confidence from within. It prepares you with the sensitivities to view things from the prism of the characters that are dealt with, which otherwise may not be given due thought in the hurly-burly of our busy lives. Not only this, but the exposure to different societies of other colleges and the fun and frolic associated with the fest season when performances are delivered to different strata of audience in inter-college competitions is definitely worth all the effort and time consuming practices.

Unleash your passion for theatre or in fact develop one by going for the auditions in your college because you never know how far a dedicated penchant can take you!


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