Premier DU Societies You Must Watch Out For (Part 1)


Delhi University enjoys a nationwide popularity for a variety of reasons, but there is this one facet of the University that makes it stand out of the crowd- the societies. From Dance to Debate; from Drama to Fashion; from Music to Entrepreneurship, you name it and DU has it all. Nearly all college societies work extremely hard to hone the skills of their members and elevate the college status to another pedestal. Here are a few college societies that are reputed for being one of the best in their respective fields.


1. Shunya- Drama Society, Ramjas College

Shunya, Ramjas

The dramatic society of Ramjas College is one of the most sought after Dram-socs. Theatre is a beautiful spectacle in itself but the themes and topics Shunya bases its plays on are so relevant and thus end up striking a chord with the audiences.

Shubham Vaish, the President of Shunya believes that for their society, the circuit isn’t just a platform to compete with other colleges, but to let the art take the centre stage and make people realize what a thing of beauty, theater can be.
“The fact that we have one society for both Street Plays and Stage Plays makes us stand out. But theatre is much more than just merely acting and this is what each and every member of our society values and follows diligently. Everyone is very eager to learn all the aspects of theatre and are always ready to help each other whenever in need. For us, the circuit is not a battleground; rather it is a place for us to perform and showcase what we have been experimenting, learning and helping each other with.”


2. Quilluminati- The Creative Writing and Poetry Society, Gargi College

Quilimuminati, gargi

Quilluminati is one of those societies that exemplify writing not only as a means of creative expression, but also that of liberation, freedom of speech, and focus on the sheer enormity of the power of the pen.

Indrani Chakravartty, the President of  Quilluminati tells us why the society is special not only in its way of functioning but also in terms of its delivery.

“Our society is characterised by the fact that we boast of some truly brilliant women who aren’t afraid to express themselves or take charge. We have members who are barely months old in the society writing as well as our third years. In fact, one of the things we look for in new members is their confidence and their opinions and most importantly how (creatively) well they express it.”

Not only that, the society has been instrumental in helping the spread of slam poetry as an art and a powerful means of expression.


3. Swaranjali- The Indian and Western Music Society, Hansraj College

swaranjali - hansraj
Swaranjali is the music society of Hansraj college, and for starters, what makes it stand out is the fact that it is one single society for both- Western as well as Indian Music. These bunch of very talented musicians make sure that the fact that the society comprises of various units- Western & Indian choir, Western and Fusion bands- acts as a strength and not a weakness, on the battlefield.

Shivash Chagti, the President of Swaranjali believes that their focus lies less on the technicalities, and more on the emotional aspect of Music.

“Since we comprise of multiple units, we try and teach all the concepts that would be used in our pieces in a globalised manner, concepts of one form of music to explain the other. We also play improvisational games to keep everyone interested and not get bored of doing the same thing, which in the long run helps in boosting the confidence of those members who are under confident. “


4. Zephyr- The Film and Photography Society, College of Vocational Studies

zephyr, cvs
Photography socities have a slight edge of their own because of the exclusivity of talent their members tend to possess. But what makes Zephyr stand out is how well it preps the members and helps sharpen their skills.

Sahil Chauhan, the president of Zephyr believes that Photography is an art, it can’t be taught by any one, it can just be polished and practiced to make it better every day. And that is what they hope to focus at-sharpening the existing skills of the new entrants.

“No one who wants to join the society is a professional and thus starting at the very first step of selection, we make sure that anybody who has a passion for the art finds his or her place in the Zephyr family. Zephyr has literally made its name in the last one year, all the members of the society have rigorously worked, in order to raise the standards of the Society.”


5. The LSR MUN Society, Lady Shri Ram College

lsr mun soc

Model United Nations, popularly knows as MUNs are an exciting means of emulating the United Nations. For the unacquainted, MUNs are essentially a stimulation of the UN. There are committees, Chairpersons and Delegates representing various nations. While a lot of us tend to be a regular at MUNing, organizing an MUN can be a herculean task, to say the least. Lady Shri Ram College is famous for many of its societies, but conducting MUNs is a talent that is not everyone’s cup of tea. LSR has a history of pulling off one of the most well-organized and efficient MUNs in the whole of Delhi University.

Priyal Pandey, the Director General of LSR MUN, 2016  believes that as a society, the members work exceedingly hard to successively make the event a huge success.
“The society has been going on for many years now and what gives it a distinctive feature is the legacy attached with it. We don’t compel students to be present in meetings or debates during fixed hours within college. We give them the essential needed skills to research for conferences and allow them to take it in their own pace.”

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