Premier DU Societies You Must Watch Out For (Part 2)


We worked out a list of top-ranking DU societies for you. Following is an assemblage of equally splendid DU societies as an extension to the previous collection of  societies you absolutely must watch out for.

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6. Mudra- The Western Dance Society, Jesus and Mary College


There’s an almost exquisite and surreal sort of charm good dancers tend to emit. But not everyone can pull off the tough techniques of dance with an effortless ease and simultaneously manage to have a world of fun and enjoyment while at it.

Mudra, The Western Dance Society of Jesus and Mary College excels in doing precisely that. The society enjoys heaps of popularity in the circuit thanks to their luminous history of winning the big competitions. But as would be obvious, this isn’t something that comes easily. The society members put close to 7 hours of practice every day for 6 days a week. You can often catch them trying to do something unique and that’s possibly what makes them stand out of the crowd.

But, do they ever feel the absence of male members especially while attempting to do the lifts et al?

Aditi Singh, the Vice President of Mudra, begs to differ. “No, that has never been a problem. Anything a male member can do, we can do it too – be it stunts or turns.” She believes that there can be no possible alternative to hard work and training when it comes to dance.

The seniors of the society work along with the choreographers to provide the first years with the relevant knowledge and a strong skill set. But more importantly, we help them build a strong personality as well as self-confidence which is essential to shine in dance routines.


7. Abhivyanjana- The English Debate, Poetry, and Creative Writing Society, Motilal Nehru College


All three forms of expression- be it cogent debating, or humbling poetry, or imaginative writing- are powerful means of putting forth your views. But what makes Abhivyanjana unique is how it encapsulates all three under one aegis.

Devpriya Singh, the Vice President of Abhivyanjana believes that they couldn’t have possibly had a better name to define them. “Abhivyanjana stands for expression. There is enormous fluidity in our society. If a person joins the soc via debating, he’s always free to attend the poetry or creative writing sessions to help him work on his weaker points. We have national level debators, highly renowned poets and extremely diverse writers. But most importantly, we are a very closely knit family. What binds us is our love for creativity and expression.

Sonel Sharma whose name might sound familiar to you from her poem titled ‘Sex Talk’ that went viral on social media, heads the Poetry and Creative department of the society. “Poets are revolutionaries. At least I would like to be called that. Words mean a million things to a million people and we see people getting into poetry because of heartbreaks, depression, happiness or even coping mechanisms. Our society celebrates the way people write and express and live.


8. Enactus SSCBS, Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies

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Enactus, without exception, tends to be one of the most unique societies because of the sheer motif and agenda they work with. For the uninitiated, Enactus socities are social entrepreneurship units that work for the social upliftment of one (or more) community/ies. Not every college has an Enactus socitiey, and it is even tougher to sustain an Enactus project because most tend to wither out in a period of a few months. But Enactus CBS has pulled off some of the most legendary and iconic stunts in the history of Enactus India by becoming the only DU college to have won the Enactus Nationals thrice. This year too, the light shone brightly on Enactus CBS and they shall be seen representing the country in Toronto for the Enactus World Cup.

Additya Sharma, the current President of the society had this to say when asked what Enactus means to him. “The sheer amount of commitment that each member of Enactus SSCBS puts in, has transformed it into a different institution altogether. I am not exaggerating when I say that we eat Enactus, we dream Enactus and we practically live Enactus. The culture and the discipline has become an indispensable part of our personalities.


9) I Vogue- The Fashion Society, SGGSCC


How rarely do we find Fashion Societies not only stunning the audiences with their exotic styling but also leaving people inspired and full of awe? I Vogue, the fashion society of Shaheed Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce exempifies this statement. The society uses some very relevant and thoughtful themes to base their fashion routines on. Just last session, they used their performence to shed light on the LGBT community and convey the message for the need for the community’s acceptance in modern India.

Sarthak Kathuria, the President of I Vogue believes that there is some serious competition out there but they try to put their best foot forward every single time. “Our garments are really fancy and are visually appealing. The styling we do is really bold and modern, setting our models apart from the rest of the societies. We provide them with ample opportunities to open up and help remove their stage fear, and eventually send them to competitions to explore the fashion world. And of course, our choice of theme every session makes us stand out.


10) Alaap- The Indian Music Society, Sri Venkateswara College


There’s an ineffable sort of peace only Indian Music solicits you with. But not many Indian Music Societies enjoy the popularity that Alaap does. In fact, ‘The Hindu’ recognized the society as one of the best of DU in the year 2015 for winning a long list of competitions.

Ishita Naithani, the Vice President of Alaap told us how most of the society’s knowledge comes from listening to others. “We try our best to broaden our horizons and bring out the potential in whatever genre interests us. Listening to other societies, bands, going to concerts/shows is one thing we give a lot of importance to, as its only by appreciating other peoples music can you truly become an artist.

Is it their never ending love for music that makes them one? “I feel the fact that all of us are so different yet so similar in many ways. The fact that we’re a bunch of people from various backgrounds but music being the one thing that unites us is pretty cool. I guess at the end of the day we know we can lean on each other in time of need. I know for a fact that every important aspect of my college life does involve my society and the people in it.”


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