Prepping Up for CAT 2016 – Last Minute Tips to Ace the Exam

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The countdown begins! The quintessential competitive exam is almost here. The CAT exam is like a marriage function where everything seems to be haywire. All the preparations are accelerated and the arrangements are given finishing touches even if they don’t lack anything. The only difference is, at least marriages have some certainty but the CAT exam is anxiety central. This is the most crucial time of your preparation and can be a game changer in many ways.

CAT coaching is an essential factor for scoring well. They provide important tips and methods for cracking the exam. But last minute preparation is a must and that has to be done ourself, keeping important tricks and strategies in mind. The time for the marathon is over and this is the last 100 meter sprint to win the race. With only a few days left, here’s how you can increase your score for CAT 2016.

  • Analyze and prepare ‘smart’

Analyze the concepts of all the three sections and find the smartest way of solving the seemingly hard questions. Try smart methods for  solving the paper and try to do the questions you know first and leave the hard ones for later.CAT is not just about knowing the concepts but also about how fast you can apply them. Thus having the concepts at your fingertips becomes imperative to ensure your success.

  • Mock – a must

Mock papers help you identify your areas of weakness. This should be analyzed extremely carefully to help you strategize for your exam. You should also practice NMAT and IIFT mock papers which will help you clear your strategy for these two exams as well and help you increase your speed of solving questions, in addition to enhancing your knowledge of concepts. After all mock exams and previous years’ papers make you practice hundreds of questions and that can only be good.

  • Revise and do sectional tests

Revise your concepts well and bring out the notes whose blue ink has faded. Revise the math formulae you learned, the fundaments for reasoning that you grappled with, and the new words that you tried to force into your gray matter. As you have only 180 minutes for 3 sections, try to attempt each section within an hour. Devote your time to the areas in which you are weak and practise the concepts which are left and need less time.

  • Rejection Strategy

A good rejection strategy can take you a long way. It ensures that you leave the tough and time consuming questions for later and give precedence to the ones that are easy. This should be a two round process in which the first round should be about solving easy and moderate questions, and marking the questions which are to be done in the second round. If time favors you, you can touch the rejected ones but revise the answers you’ve already attempted first.

  • Relax

The time for learning new concepts is gone. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses during the last minute preparation. Stay positive and relaxed. Don’t push yourself to and make sure you’re well-rested. Insufficient sleep has been proven to mess up decision making skills.

All the best!

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