Ready, Set, Click: A Look at the Dynamics of College Photography Societies


Contrary to the erroneous yet popular belief, photography is so much more than flaunting that DSLR camera and rocking that Facebook page.

If you happen to be a fresher at DU and pictures have a unique way of speaking to you, then a photography society is the deal for you.

Here are 5 things that’ll help you understand the general functioning of Photography Societies. Of course, each photography society tends to have a different system that works best for them.

1) After the commencement of the session, an audition is conducted giving the aspiring students a chance to join the society. This happens, usually, in the month of August. A theme is given to the participants on the spot and they’re expected to go around the campus and click pictures accordingly, within a limited time frame. This happens to be the most common method of testing for auditions.

2) The criteria of judgement can range from how befitting to the theme the pictures are, to how creative and unique they appear.

3) Later, the senior members of the society try to figure out the new entrants’ abilities and field of specialisations by giving them assignments and themes during photo walks.

4) Throughout the year, the society goes for photo walks to scenic locations, thereby giving the members a chance to heighten their skill set and adeptness. Then, there are a plethora of competitions to participate in and add glory to the society as well as the college. And once or twice a year, an exhibition is set up to help portray the society’s work.

The workshops, photo walks, and personal training sessions are what help hone the skills of all- the aspiring, the beginners as well as the professional photographers of the society.

5) A few college societies also go to other colleges to conduct workshops and share their expertise. This can be an enriching and highly fruitful experience, regardless of which end of the service you’re at.

Photography is a highly underrated art that is largely mired with faulty assumptions. The myth that a DSLR is all you need to call yourself a photographer needs to be busted.


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Pulkit Taneja, the Vice President of Focus (Photography Society of Ramjas College) had this to say when asked about that one bit of advice he’d like to give to the new crop of aspiring photographers:“We are here to help you learn and achieve more, all we need in return is your enthusiasm.”

People, if photography is something that has excited you for a long time, or even if it a fairly newer obsession in your life- you absolutely need to go for it. A photography society can do wonders for you. Not to mention, you can help do wonders to uplift the dying art itself.

As the Vice President of Focus likes to put it, “The art of photography is beautiful but Photography itself is getting saturated day by day.”

“It is true that we don’t require constant practice to set our tuning or match our rhythms or rhyme our poems. However, when it comes to the working, there’s quite a bit we have to do. A photography competition, for example, is all about experimenting with that creative mind of yours keeping in mind the time and theme constraints” -Raghav Khanna, President, Chanakyan- The Film and Photography society of Motilal Nehru College


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