“THE REAL AND THE MYTH”- The Story of Trivarna Hariharan


From being a school teenager to now an author: a 17-year-old girl, Trivarna Hariharan is currently studying in The Indian Heights School, Dwarka, New Delhi. She has keen interest in reading, listening to music and doodling, but she admits that writing has always been her cup of tea.

At an age where most of us may not have a direction, she has dreamt her dreams and lived them too! We may have imagined so much but she had penned it down with the words of life. Trivarna started writing when she was in the third grade; initially it was like a strenuous exercise of rhyming words, emulating the writers she liked but who knew that those small activities will emerge her into such a talented writer.

Her first book was a collection of stories called “(S)COOL DAYS” that she picked from her day-to-day life. The stories revolve around her school life, and around people who have inspired her. As she believes that experience matters for writing, she started with school life, having always wanted to make her foray into writing with something that she was familiar with.
She is inclined towards works that stem from personal experience, observations and interactions, as those are never completely fictional nor real; they are a mixture of fact and fiction. Just like her own stories that incorporate these, Trivarna has been fond of similar writers like Ruskin Bond, Charles Dickens and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, they are some of her favorite writers. Whilst her likings aren’t really genre-specific, she likes reading everything from mathematical fiction to mystery to experimentation poetry.


Decisions are those that change your life, decisions lead you to the result, and the journey to being a published author was difficult for Trivarna who was going about her first book, from taking out time to write and making it a priority, to choosing the right publisher who could fit into her tone.

Well not to forget in all of this that one needs the support of the family in whatever they do, both for appreciation and criticism. Trivarna’s parents have been by her side through thick and thin.


When asked about Trivarna’s future in this field, she said

I will write because it’s my way of saying things that I’d never be able to vocalize”

Books are liberating, reading and writing helps you understand who you are and thus these books have helped Trivarna to discover who she is. Books, movies, incidents, if you connect with them, they surely leave an impact on you.

Moreover age is not what matters, it’s what you do and when you do it, what makes one feel the best is how you connect with the world out there.

One last message from her to the young blood,

“Be yourself. Always believe in yourself, and remain honest to everything that you do. It’s the most important thing, and sometimes the only that matter”.


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