Robots to Replace 5 Million Jobs by 2020- Need of the hour: Reskilling & Upskilling


The World Economic Forum has already predicted that artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics will take more than 5 million jobs by 2020. Apart from the robots, the increasingly competitive job market is making the lives of the employees no easier. So, time to panic? Not necessarily. Time to try something new? Definitely.One prominent way to stand out in this competitive environment is to always be learning. Learning must be a constant in your professional life. Learning should not end after university, it must continue into all stages of your career. This approach is called upskilling – learning additional skills that help you remain relevant and competitive in your current role. It’s also important to embrace reskilling in the workplace – learning new skills you can apply to a different, new role.

Be it the intern, college student, or CEO, reskilling and upskilling are equally important for all. MOOCs, like the courses from top universities and institutions offered on edX, are a great way to enable this. Online learning does not only give you an opportunity to sharpen your skills but also shows a lot of character. What’s more, most of the content on edX is available for free, with the additional option to pay for a Verified Certificate which can be added to your CV or resume to add weight and to showcase your new knowledge.

So, what are the courses and programs you can take if you want to prevent a robot from stealing your job?

  1. In order to remain relevant in your profession, you need to upskill continuously. The edX Micromasters program in Business Management by IIM Bangalore gives an insight into key business essentials and makes you ready to be a successful business manager across all industries, from marketing agencies to technology companies. Unlike robots, humans have the ability to think critically in business situations and to understand the nuances behind managing a team of employees. This program will help you build upon your existing competencies as a manager and strategic business planner. The first course in the program started on January 5, 2017, and its in self pace mode which means you can join in anytime.
  2. You may be an expert in your trade, but the current work scenario is such, that verbal communication skills are equally, if not more, important than technical skills (which a robot can easily do!). In addition, businesses are going global and sharpening your communications skills is becoming a pertinent tool. The edX course on Communicating Strategically from Purdue helps to give you an edge over your competitors in communication skills and teaches learners effective and impactful presentation and speaking skills. These are things a robot cannot do, which makes it all the more important when it comes to staying relevant in your field of employment. The course begins on January 10. 2017.
  3. Two skills that are hard to teach a robot are creativity and entrepreneurship, that said they are skills that we, as humans, all inherently have. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, specifically the robot crowd, then it’s vital to learn how to tap into these skills. The Creativity and Entrepreneurship on edX by Berklee College of Music will not only help develop skills and tap into your inner creativity but will also make you a competitive candidate across all industries. The course begins on January 23, 2017.
  4. A career in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is hugely in demand and a high-quality, rigorous course in Artificial Intelligence is just the right thing to enter the industry. The MicroMasters program in Artificial Intelligence on edX by Columbia University will give you a solid understanding of the guiding principles of Artificial Intelligence. This will help you make and create robots to replace jobs and not get replaced by them. There’s no better approach to securing your place in the workplace of the future than by becoming an AI expert. The program covers all aspects of the field from machine learning to robotics and begins on January 16, 2017.

Hence, what we realize is that technology is becoming even more and more superior and we need to keep up with it to not become obsolete. And upskilling and reskilling are the only ways to do it. The above mentioned courses teach the skills that will keep you relevant and not replaced by a robot. What are you waiting for? Equip yourself with the knowledge you need today.


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