Riverdale Season-2: Fan theories and Predictions that Could Change Everything


Thrills and spills shall surround the dark, drama packed telly-series Riverdale entering its second season this October 11.

Will Jughead become a Serpent for real? Will Archie’s dad survive? Is Veronica’s dad a good guy or a bad guy? How will Cheryl come to terms with her father’s suicide and killing her beloved brother? 

These are some questions that have been intriguing the viewers over the long summer hiatus, as they decipher probable theories sifting through some of the recent twists that could connect dots.

Here’s a list of some of the most ‘believable’ fan theories that could change the course of the entire series over the next few episodes of Riverdale Season 2:


  1. Fred might actually die.

The Debrief theorizes that Fred might actually die and as it is well-known that Molly Ringwald will be back for Season 2, this might finally push Archie to move to Chicago to live with his mum.  Also, the fact that Archie has been shown wielding a gun in the trailer has been raising doubts.

  1. Joaquin DeSantos is Betty Cooper’s half-brother.

Ever since the bombshell about a Cooper brother was dropped in season 1, fans have been theorizing who Alice’s son could be and who the actual father is.

The fan theory points out that Joaquin might be the baby, Hal wanted Alice to abort because the baby wasn’t his. Instead, FP Jones could be the potential father given the fact that Season 1 established Betty’s mom and Jughead’s dad share a history. FP even reminded Alice she couldn’t shed her Serpent roots simply by moving to the other side of town and the awkward talk they had at the dinner table is an indicator.

If this is the case, then Betty and Jughead share a half-brother and this could be well, the perfect Riverdale twist, complicating relationships to an extreme level.

  1. Betty will have a mental breakdown.

Drawing connections  with the super scary moment in episode three of Season 1 when Betty went full dark to take revenge from Chuck, some fans have pointed out a possibility of something more happening here, where Betty might have a mental breakdown.

4. Veronica’s mom hired someone to shoot Archie’s dad; Varchie break-up and a Cheryl angle

Veronica’s mom Hermione Lodge hired a contract-killer for Archie’s dad Fred Andrews “because he was involved [with her] too much and not selling his business to her.” This is being highlighted given that Veronica’s dad, Hiram Lodge is going to be back in town.

Archie and Veronica will have a Romeo and Juliet-esque relationship, according to Tumblr-user quirkanya as the Lodges and Andrews wouldn’t want to be associated with each other, given their past and Hiram’s homecoming is bound to further complicate things for the Andrews and make their survival in the sleepy town of Riverdale very difficult. And possibly, Varchie shippers will face heartbreak. Also, there might be a brief dalliance between Archie and Cheryl, who might have a change of heart and is trying to find her place in the town after burning down the Blossom Empire.


  1. Bughead will break up. 

Toni Topaz, a new bisexual character will be introduced which might cause some trouble for Betty and Jughead.  Vanessa Morgan, who plays Toni, said, “She’s a gang member for the Southside Serpents, she’s one of Jughead’s first friends from Southside when he shifts to Southside High, and she might cause a little bit of trouble for Bughead… but she’s super interesting, she’s super fun, and I think she’s gonna bring some excitement for the Bughead fans.”

Whatever be the case, this break-up, if happens, will cause major heartbreak for all the Bughead fans.

  1. Ms. Grundy will come back.

The music teacher Archie had an affair will be back. Geraldine Grundy left town under suspicious circumstances in Season 1 and it feels like we haven’t really seen the last of her. Maybe she was lying about an abusive ex or maybe not. Or maybe she’ll be back for Archie or for taking revenge on Alice Cooper for running her out-of-town.

  1. Betty and Veronica could fall in love.

The two leading ladies of Riverdale may fall in love one day and this theory is supported by Camilla Mendes who plays Veronica Lodge. She said, “The story of Betty and Veronica falling in love is a story that might work one day on our show, but as of right now, I don’t see it happening. I would love it, though.” This is a possibility, as some fans believe, that might see the light of the day.

8. Jughead will join the Serpents.

Jughead was donning a Serpents jacket to Betty’s surprise and shock, in the finale of last season and  quirkyanya thinks that Jughead will join the Serpents to work undercover, avenge his father FP and clear his name for good as the Serpents are being made scapegoats for everything sinister happening in Riverdale, possibly including Fred’s shooting. This might even cause bad blood between Archie and Jughead given the past their father’s shared, making it even more easy to blame the Serpents.

Jughead knows the risk involved and would show that he’s more than happy to be part of the Southside serpents. However, Betty might eventually join him in his mission, being the stubborn and persistent character she is. She also believes that Alice will reveal that she was once a part of the gang. And that the Serpents hold a key to Chick Cooper.

Riverdale -- "Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter" -- Image Number: RVD113a_0038.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones and Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper -- Photo: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2017 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved

  1. Arrival of the Supernatural:

Hearsay doing rounds that Betty’s mom is actually a witch, and Season 2 shall reveal Riverdale’s more supernatural elements including the theory that Sabrina, the Teenage Witch’s arrival. Also, Vanity Fair has pointed out that if Riverdale starts to follow its comic book predecessors, including the gothic “Afterlife With Archie”, then Josie and the Pussycats will not only be pop stars but Vampires as well. Zombies might also turn up in Season 2, given vision that Cheryl had of an undead Jason Blossom. Plus, Jason was discovered with a gunshot wound on his head that is the procedure followed to kill a zombie. Just one zombie or a werewolf might fit in just fine, given the chest of surprises to be opened in Season 2.

Predictions ranging from arrival of the supernatural to bisexual characters to relationship drama have been doing the rounds and we seriously can’t wait to see what’s in store. Whatever happens, there will be shifting allegiances, old friendships and alliances will be broken and new ones forged. Great secrets will be revealed and the past will come to haunt the present and future of the sleepy town and its inhabitants.

All predictions apart, 11th October wouldn’t just be a date.




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