Semester Mode In, Fest Mode Out: The One Month To Go Exam Guide


*Wakes up on a Monday morning after uncountable department and college fests*

“Oh God, no. Is the fest season really over?”

Well, yes it is, my friends.

We hate to break it to you, but less than one month to go! *spills water over all your still in festive mood spirit.* All of us would absolutely love to be in that festive mood and take our own merry time to come out of that, but believe me, we need to act fast.
Exams are just around the corner and all we can do right now is manage to get up and go to our 8 am classes for the internal that is pending on our head. We need to buck up now! All our mid-semesters and fests are over and with less than one month to go, we clearly need to pull our socks up. This one month is very crucial, because this is the actual time that we invest into preparation (because who didn’t procrastinate till that last fest in college?!).

All those people who tell you that college exams are just one day of studying before the actual due date of the exam, we’ll, just don’t believe them, because probably they can manage but all of us can’t. Hence this is the time when we all need to start afresh, and actually think about how we are going to go about this one month to make it productive.

motivation during exams

Firstly, this is a clichéd but a very effective method of managing time- making a timetable. The whole syllabus cannot be covered now (all the best if you think you still can), but what would be essential now is prioritizing, both your course and your time. The timetable will help you figure out exactly how much time you have left to do what and then you can go about the rest of the days accordingly. Also your course needs to be prioritized. What are the probable questions needs to be looked up. Refer to the previous years’ question papers because they are a massive help, believe me! They repeat questions frequently and alternate years’ or so questions are more probable than others. See the pattern of questions and try to gauge what to study accordingly.
Next is streamlining your syllabus. See what is important to do and parts that can be left out (don’t leave out parts preferably though). Smart studying is more important now. This one month is all about how you manage everything and study qualitatively in this limited time, and not about how much of your syllabus you have managed to cover.
Also DO NOT pull all-nighters, either during your preparation time or your exam time. This would exhaust you and in the morning when you are down with 6 cups of coffee, your memory won’t cooperate because of lack of sleep, and we don’t want that. Also, who dosen’t love sleep? So get ample sleep even during this stressful time. *tries to hide dark circles*
So what are we all waiting for? Go grab those bundles of readings and kick-start your prep! Happy studying!

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