SNU’s Breeze’16 is Leveling Up and Here’s How


Year 2016: Another glorious year for gaming. The massive publicity and availability of virtual reality took our gaming experiences to a whole new level. Well, there’s a gamechanger in town: The annual fest of Shiv Nadar University, Breeze ’16 on 4th, 5th and 6th of November. The folks over at SNU are massively collaborating with the local videogaming industry to bring the Los Santos’s and the Dust 2’s of the gaming world alive.
Breeze, just like the in-game Mario, has leveled up and is on a whole new platform now which offers something unique. Very few videogame conventions of this size in India have ever taken place. There’s also the possibility of you meeting a very famous person. Just to remind you, no one’s joking around here.


There are three headlining events in Breeze 2016: Coke Studio Concert on 4th November featuring the fusion band “Paradigm Shift”. Coke Studio is also featuring Hriday Gattani, singer of the SuperHit track, Udan Choo from Banjo on 5th November.   And finally, 6th of November being the biggest nights features a standup comedy show with Kanan Gill of the Pretentious Movie Reviews fame, and VH1 Supersonic with Zaeden on 6th November. These are great events to attend as the magical fusion of progressive rock with Hindustani classical music kick-starts a tirade of events, of which the hilarious Kanan Gill is a part and with Zaeden who is a widely renowned electronic music composer.


The main talking points of Breeze aside, there are countless Cultural, Sporting and Technical events to indulge in. This is to satisfy the diverse crowd that’ll be attending Breeze, 2016. The Cultural events include many spectator events, including dance, music, drama, fashion, literature and much more with CASH PRIZES UPTO 4 LAKHS. The flagship events being WARFARE, AAGAZ, XTREME ROCK BAND COMPETITION, COSPLAY, CALLING FOR DUTY (MUNSOC) and FPS (QUIZ).

Sports are an essential factor in bringing a glimmer of competitiveness in the crowd. As a result, SNU will be hosting multiple tournaments for various sports, which include Basketball, Chess, Tennis, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Cricket, Football, Badminton and Squash with CASH PRIZES UPTO 4 LAKHS. These events are sure to get your blood pumping.

To add to the already exhausting number of events, there are technical events to be held at Breeze, too. The clubs that are organizing these events include the Math Club, RoboYantriki, Orion, and ShilpKulam, the mechanical society. There are many thought-provoking and brain-stimulating events, some of which include Speed Cubing, a Hackathon, Deathrace, Spaghetti Bridge, and Demolition Man among various other workshops and events with CASH PRIZE UPTO 2 LAKHS. This will satisfy the cravings of any techie for miles around.
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Somya Arora and Vignesh Gurumoorthy 


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