Some unconventional (and fun) ways to celebrate this New Year’s eve!


While the world awaits the beginning of the new year with hope and anticipation (PS: after a year like 2016), unless  you’re one of the smug, lucky few to be jetting off somewhere exotic and have your New year eve’s plans all sorted, you have probably a ball of anxiety that knots your stomach every time you think of your NYE plans. Well, fret not my  friend,  if you are one of those countless people who hates crowds and can’t bear strutting in those high heels. Why not consider some not so clichéd ways to ring in this new year?

Here are some alternative ways to celebrate New year’s Eve- drama and crowd free.

  • THROW A COZY HOUSE PARTY : What better way to bring in the next set of 365 days than with just your loved ones around you. Believe it or not, not everyone cares to get high and party on new year’s eve. If you are one of those socially awkward and anti-crowd type, a small house party is your best shot. This way you’ll be able to turn up without being overwhelmed by a slew of people and most of you can still have the time of your life. Spending time with friends and family on this last eve of another buzzing year will act like a stress buster and surely end your year on a high note.



  • LET YOUR CREATIVE JUICES FLOW : Do more of what makes your happy. If you are an artist or a photographer or a poet, do something unique to mark the end of your year. It doesn’t matter if you are good at it or not. The key is to be happy with what you do. If art is not your thing, go read that book you’ve been longing to or write a fan fiction for your fandom or read one, cook a meal or bake a cake, decorate your space or just look at your old scrapbooks and pictures.



  • MAKE A TIME CAPSULE : Relive all that’s been substantial this leaving year. Go through your picture gallery or Facebook timeline and write down short notes about all those memorable incidences. You can also maintain a diary with pictures and stories of the past year to cherish till a long time. If you’ve lived up to your past year resolutions, write down your success. If you have failed to fulfill some or most of them, continue them to the next year by quoting them in your diary.



  • BINGE WATCH : Yes, you heard it right . If watching a season of Friends with a glass of wine in your hand is your ideal way to celebrate, go ahead and do it. You can either binge watch some iconic series like GoT , Friends, Breaking bad, Arrow etc or start something fresh and out of the box.



  • GET SOME ‘ME’ TIME : Being in solitude while the new year comes doesn’t have to be such a depressing drag. Sometimes the simplest of things make you feel good instantly. Don’t cave in the pressure of stepping out and conquering the town. Rather, take this time to ponder upon yourself. Take this time to sit with your own thoughts and reflect upon the year you had. What was the best thing that happened to you in 2016? Do not enter the new year with any grudges or hard feelings. Talk it out. You can always see other people the next day, but for the eve it’s just about you.


Whatever you choose to do this new year’s eve, just be sure it’s something you want to do. Don’t just laze around and treat it like another common day. The way you celebrate this day is often seen as a symbolic start to how your new year will shape out, so choose wisely!

Have a great new year people!




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