Souvenirs Of College


न कोई पढ़ने वाला, न कोई सीखने वाला,
अपनी तोह पाठशाला, मस्ती की पाठशाला.

As another session nears its inevitable end, I came to understand the real meaning of this song. I distinctly remember the first day I entered my college; my excitement knew no bounds. I didn’t have the slightest idea that these holy grounds would be the source of all our sorrows and happiness, anxiety and laughter, fun times and shared disasters for the next three years. I didn’t know at that moment, how profound impact these years are going to have on me as a being. But I guess nobody did. These years cannot be possibly be described in one single article, but I will try.

Amid all official and unofficial, departmental and cultural farewell, after countless photo and status updates what we are going to be left with are the memories and life lessons we gained.  Lessons as in that one should not mix vodka, whiskey, and rum and eat Silk on top of it or the fact that having six vodka shots after a full plate butter chicken doesn’t pan out the way you thought it would. Memories of all dirty dancing in My Bar and the ugly brawls in Hauz Khas, late night karaoke, be it in some fancy club or friend’s house rooftop, the time when you first saw your crush in college freshers, and the heartbreak you immediately had after that. Consoling your friend after his/her breakup, the fights and patch ups, gossips and late night talks, all the parties that lasted till 5 am or until the police showed up. Remember them all.

If college life in invigorating, then campus life is electrifying. Outstations students would know. All the insane drunk Sunday nights and the horrible Monday hangover mornings, long drives to Murthal for its Parathas to Patel Chest’s 4 am waali Maggie, Sudama’s 10 o’clock tea and Hudson lane’s café’s, late night sneak-in in arts faculty for a good smoke up, or one of those moments when you wake up and realize that it is neither your bed nor your home and wonder what happened last night, will always remain engraved in our minds. The incidents and memories are endless, some we want to remember some, and we don’t. How examination time would be the most creative time in each our lives. From pledging to start an all night food delivery business to preparing a blueprint as how to cheat on the exam the next day, being awake all night and cry in the examination hall for the monstrosity to get over.

But what make these moments such memorable is the company, and the friendship infused within those events. Students come to college with a bag filled with excitement, anticipation, dreams, and sparkling eyes ready to hop on any adventure they can lay their hands. Some found a new hobby to pursue while some gave up a hobby for something new. We made mistakes, some silly some horrible. But we survived them all and grew upon it. Each and every one of us had changed tremendously from what we were when we first stepped into this brilliant and mesmerizing world of Undergraduates.

We still have two months to go, and I understand that it’s not a good advice from examination point of view but if there is something left on your checklist, something you wanted to do but did not, someplace you wanted to travel but could not, something you wanted to say but dared not, mend broken friendship before you stray apart, do it now and you will cherish it forever.

In the photo- Batch of 2014 – B.Com (Honors), Hansraj College.
Photo Credits – Him Shikha Agarwal


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