Things College Students Should Stop Blaming Their Parents For


J.K. Rowling said, “There is an expiry date on blaming your parents for steering you in the wrong direction.”
And she’s right! (Duh) The only problem is how we find it in ourselves to grow up and save ourselves before we become whiners. Thankfully life doesn’t get that bad so fast, so there’s hope for all of us yet, to turn ourselves around (a couple of times at least).

1.Our Under-grad Degrees

You were once told that you were smart and now you’re pursuing a degree because that’s the progression of smart people? But not everyone has the aptitude or the inclination to pursue higher education. The stigma of dropping out of college is one that will haunt you well into your profile, but what’s worse is the number of people who take up degrees they’re not even sure about or interested in.

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Even if you’ve been pushed into pursuing something you’re not sure about, don’t lose hope. You’re now more rounded, as a person and you do have a degree of independence that can help you cope with this. If you cannot change your major now, satisfy yourself with the thought that you have a solid degree to fall back upon. But stop blaming your parents for this duration and to take control of your life’s direction. The struggle we’ll face during this period develops our will to follow through our choices.

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2.Our Post-grad Degrees

I hate to break it to you, but since when do we stop after one mistake? I remember me and a group of friends making fun of MBA graduates, fixing a pact that we’d never be so basic. But real talk, how many of us will now join the MBA queue post our graduation? Yes, a lot of us. It’s not like there’s something wrong with the degree but so many of us go for it only because that’s what our elders did.


Do not make the mistake of going through with a post-grad which kills your passion and secret dreams. If you ditch taking a chance on your ambitions, exchanging it for stability, then it’s on you, my friend. Don’t become one of those people who live a life and blame the grownups for how it passed. Planning the next decade of our life, given our inexperience at everything and our rigidity will probably just make us more miserable.
Two words: Abort mission.


3. Monthly College Allowance:

It’s no secret, college kids are perpetually broke. Unless your parents’ unconditional love flows in the form of cash, you will relate to the feeling of being starved of clothes, food, textbooks etc.

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If you’re like me and you cannot save because, well, something always becomes necessary to buy, then you could try earning. Get a part time job, like teaching tuitions or land a paid internship. I personally have started to save spare coins and yes, it helps you get around okay? Actively encourage your gharwaalas to spare change for a worthy cause –you. You can also let your artistic side help you out financially – a friend of mine uses a typewriter to write her own quotes on her original artwork which she is planning to ship off as merchandise. Because why not?

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4. Our Social Lives

In college we have all this time that’s unaccounted for. But so many of us allow our upbringing to hold us back and sulk about our uneventful lives in solitude. You might be reading this article in bed thanking god that no one can see what you’re wearing and maybe if you could sleep a little extra tonight. If that’s your thing, that’s amazing.

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But if that isn’t your thing, tt’s all about meeting the right new people. If you don’t know how to get out and about, spend time with people who’ve been doing this long enough to show you the ropes. Your parents may not be the outgoing kind or even approve of it, but you can’t judge excessive partying/drinking/bunking or making too many friends until you put yourself out there (same goes for your dating life). You’d be surprised how many people are afraid of trying new things or meeting new people based on what their parents have drilled into them.

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Our parents love us and want what they think is best for us. However you need to take chances on yourselves, no matter how out of your depth you may feel. All of us need to stop using our parents and the security they provide as safety nets. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Loose the training wheels.

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