This Playlist is the Ultimate Remedy for Your Mid-Sem Crisis

mid-sem crisis

Is your PC currently perched on a work desk covered in books, highlighters, empty cups of coffee and/or Redbull? Then we both know that, you my friend, are in need for some desperate chill time. Assignments and tests come and go (way too many times tbh), but a way to make them less harrowing? Now that’s something you don’t come across every day.
We’ve put together a playlist that will make this tasking time of the semester, just a tad bit easier to deal with. Listen to it as you work or use it to make your breaks worthwhile, we gotchu fam. This is how it goes:

  1. Perth – Bon Iver
    Internals around the corner? Allow Bon Iver to rid you of all the unnecessary anxiety. Founded by singer-songwriter Justin Vernon in 2007, Bon Iver is an American folk band that exists to give you all the right feels.
  2. Take Me Somewhere Nice – Mogwai
    Mogwai is a Scottish post-rock band that has been taking its listeners to the nicest places through its music, since 1995. Use this song to escape to a world devoid of stressful assignments.
  3. Electric Indigo – The Paper Kites
    You might know The Paper Kites from their song Bloom. Give this song a listen while you try to piece back your brain after completing that horrible, horrible assignment.
  4. Drive Home – Steven Wilson
    Many musicians worship this man and it’s for all the right reasons. Add this song to your work playlist and you too, will see why.
  5. Lullaby – Low
    This song is perfect for playing in the background when you’re finally getting the hang of what you’re writing in your assignment.
  6. Anachronism – Crywolf
    Crywolf has a very fresh sound and his album Cataclasm makes for a brilliant work playlist in itself. When you’re about to give up, let this song remind you that good things do exist.
  7. Passionflower – Jon Gomm
    If you’re a fan of acoustic music, then you’ve found heaven. This semester has given you 99 problems but this 1 song will probably fix all of them.
  8. Shiver – Coldplay
    Coldplay. ‘Nuff said?
  9. Your Hand In Mine – Explosions In The Sky
    If you’ve never dabbled in the post-rock genre, then Explosions In The Sky might just be the best place to start. Go ahead, get on the feels train, you deserve a break.
  10. At A Glance – Message To Bears
    “Settle down, set it right,
    Don’t be scared, it’s alright.”
    That’s how the song goes and that should be every struggling student’s mantra.

You can find the entire playlist here:


Does your playlist have more such songs that can come to a crisis-handling-college-student’s aid? Let us know in the comments!

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