We Ran a Contest for Vir Das’ Really Special Show and the Results Were Hilarious!


Vir Das is all set to make Delhi feel really, really special on 9th of October’16 because he is doing not one but two shows of his Really Special Show in the capital city. You know it’s going to be great because Netflix is going to publish the show! University Express gave its readers a chance to tickle our funny bones and get their hands on free tickets to the show.

We ran 2 contests over the past week wherein the first contest required the participants to crack a killer PJ to grab 2 free tickets. Congratulations to the winner, Apoorva Sood!
The second contest took hilarity to a whole new level when we asked our readers to get creative and fill in the blank:

They were two people in a car, miles away from the city. The radio played the slow romantic song they both loved. She asked him stop the car, looked at him, took a deep breath and said, ” _____________.”

Here are some of the most hilarious entries we received:
1) “Gangadhar he Shaktimaan hai”

In a world of lies, this eternal truth continues to stands its ground, am I right?


2) “Your grave or mine?”

So, romance is dead!


3) “Mera naam hai ibu hatela, khayega kela?”

This would make for one very awkward conversation.


4) “Dicks out for Harambe.”

Never. Forget.


5) “Paikhana aa gayel hai babua, bhag k lota lao sasura”



With all this creative talent coming to the fore, we decided to award 2 of  the best comments. Congratulations to Manisha Singh and Manav Shangari for acing the contest!

No need to fret if you didn’t win. You can still witness Vir’s magic. Grab your tickets here:




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