5 Animated Adult TV Shows You Should Watch For Dark Comedy


They might look like kids’ cartoons, but the (animated) reality could not be further away from the truth!

While classics like Family Guy, The Simpsons and South Park have ruled the cartoon adultverse, here’s a look at some other animated shows (tried and tested by yours truly) that you should check out if you enjoy wildly surreal humour wrapped up in political satire, and of course, complete madness!


Robot Chicken
Robot Chicken


ROBOT CHICKEN – From superheroes to even Jesus (!) “Robot Chicken” enacts just about any pop culture parody. The episodes are roughly about ten minutes of innumerable comic sketches and during that short span of time – it’ll have you ROFL with its sharp mockery of comics, television series, movies – basically everything POP culture!

Tune in for– some of your favourite shows’ and movies’ parodies – including Batman, Star Wars, and Scooby Dooby Dooo!


 DARIA– A spin-off of another popular cartoon Beavis and Butthead,” Daria” focuses on – Daria – an intelligent and cynical high school student and her family and friends as they try to steer through suburban life. “Daria” is a satirical take on high school and family drama and the protagonist’s deadpan response to matters takes the show to a level of great dark comedy and satire.


Tune in for – a dark and comical look at teenage and family drama.



SUPERJAIL– As the name suggests, the show is set inside a jail and centres on the inmates. But what makes it super is a psychopathic warden with magical powers and its 70,000 inmates. Each episode ends in a series of bloody and gruesome mass murders of the inmates by one another or some external force.
Tune in for – graphic violence, gore, blood baths and 100% madness!


Bob's Burgers
Bob’s Burgers



BOB’S BURGERS – The show features a burger joint being run by the Belcher family. Linda, the happy – go – lucky mom and Bob have three kids – Louise, the evil genius, Gene, the fart enthusiast and Tina, who writes erotic fiction about zombies and is insanely in love with horses. Their antics and attempts to keep the burger joint and up and running make the show an unstoppable comedy!

Tune in for – a light-hearted comedy centring on a family of extremely quirky individuals.


Rick and Morty
Rick and Morty

RICK AND MORTY – Throw in a crazily genius scientist, his dim-witted grandson, and an infinite number of alternate dimensions – and you’ve got one hit of a SCI-FI show! “Rick and Morty” combines elements of science, hilarity and philosophy so wonderfully that it is a treat for the eyes, sci- fi fanatics and people who are just looking for a fun and interesting series to binge upon.
Tune in for – interestingly quirky scientific plots and some absurdly hilarious comedy delivered by the crazy scientist, Rick.


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