You Are A Procrastinator If……..


Have you ever fallen prey to the “power-nap” myth? If yes, then congrats! You may be a procrastinator. Read more to know about your species.

1. If you are a procrastinator then, for starters, you think that you are not. In fact you vehemently deny it.

not a chance


2. Every time you are given a task you are sure that you will finish it on the very first day itself unlike the last time (and the time before that and so on).

lets do this


3. Taking it one step further, you wonder how a meticulous person like you ever missed an assignment deadline in the past.

how is that possibe

There is nobody on the planet-with the exception of fellow procrastinators- who begins work as enthusiastically as you do. In the beginning you are full of energy (and naivety).

4. You always try to pull off an all-night study session only to fall prey to the “power nap” myth. Because when you decide to wake up in ten, you do, only it’s at ten the next morning.

all nighter


5. Everything that has nothing to do with your assignment gains top priority. Household chores? Soap operas? Bring them on.



6. When you finally decide to work, you realize that the “five minute break”, very much like the “power nap”, is your worst enemy.

five minute break


7. You get to work when you absolutely need to i.e. the night before the deadline. Suddenly you don’t need power naps anymore.

nobody got time


8. While struggling with information overload you resolve that next time you will start early and totally ace it.

it will work


9. Only you don’t. Start early I mean.

why do this


10. Finally, you are DEFINITELY a procrastinator if:

You are reading this list while you have work/study/absolutely anything else to do.

admit it


Featured Image Source: The Oatmeal


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