5 things we still need ‘Freedom’ from!


15th August! Here comes the much anticipated Independence day. With patriotic songs blaring on loudspeakers, tricolor sandwiches, high flowing flags and kites and Independence Day parade our country celebrates the 70th year of Independence.

Our long journey has been remarkable. How I wish to flutter our tricolor high and shout out the word “freedom” from every nook and corner of my street. However, as our beloved country ushers into another year of independence, let us have a look at things from which India still needs to get Independence.

5. Stereotypes

Our country thrives on stereotypes (quite literally!).

Oh! You are a man. But, is that a ‘pink’ shirt you are wearing?

He is from Bihar. Stay away, he might just rape you.

Oh boy! Stop crying ‘like a girl’.

Eh, wearing traditional clothes? Must be some small town, old-fashioned lady!

Well, all this and much more! We seriously need to get over with stereotyping others. Can’t we do whatever we want to without the fear of being stereotyped?

4. Arranged Marriages

Have a look at this:

Wanted- Working Girl between 21-25

Religon ‘X’; Caste ‘Y’

Fair; slim and toned figure

Height above 5’5”

Family oriented

Traditional outlook but modern

Must have great cooking skills

This is nothing but a matrimonial ad! Well, I can only offer a middle finger salutation to arranged marriages where parents put their sons and daughters for sale and life partners are decided over a cup of tea. To add to this, matrimonial ads that depict preferences like an NRI husband or a fair girl are a shame to the society. Fair girl? What for? Perhaps, a light emitting diode would be better. Must have great cooking skills! Remember Philips? I am not a “kitchen appliance”. Wanted a rich, NRI husband! Why don’t you loot a bank instead? Arranged marriages are full of insanity. Wish we had the freedom to choose our partners!


3. Inflation of cut-off percentages

Couldn’t have missed this being a DU student!

Inflation of cut off percentages in Delhi University is perhaps more worrying than petrol price inflation. Dear Vice Chancellor, I am sure only robots manage to get a seat in the top notch colleges with a 100% cut off. Please, please lower the bar.


2. Sajid Khan Movies

Well, do I need to say more? Go watch Humshakals!


1. Politicians

We got independence because of some truly valiant leaders who were ready to sacrifice their lives for the nation. Salute to them! We are what we are today because of some great politicians that have been a part of this nation. Remember Subhash Chandra Bose? “Tum mujhe khoon do, mai tumhe azadi doonga.” However, I can hardly name one truly exceptional leader in the modern times. The Indian Parliament is not a place to sleep. Go, find a bed for yourself! Nor are the Indian streets booked for “dharnas”. Our country sincerely needs dedicated, honest and passionate politicians. I dream of a politician-mukt India.


Happy Independence!


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