Delhi University’s Internal Assessment Procedure – An Interrogation

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The fest fervor is on and everyone is dressing up and rushing to see their most loved celebrities live. Amidst all this, their assignments and work for internal assessment is piling up. Delhi University, much prestigious for its high standards of teaching fails to address the issue of academic assessment.

The current rules of University award 10% weightage to written assignments/ project/ report/ presentation etc. with one compulsory assignment for a subject each year. The allotment of this work during the fest season leads to shameless plagiarism from cliffnotes, sparknotes, Wikipedia and other free websites. Presentations and projects are not well researched, reports are not precise, and this is credited to the work allotted to students during fests. Also, the topics are directly picked out from the given syllabus which would be useful, maybe, in the next semester and isn’t really related to the current semester. This happens a lot in the case of background study material, and what you read is only because you have to read and score. In no way, you can relate it to what you’re studying currently.

University must get rid of this sort of assessment and figure out certain new measures. This would improve the level of academic assessment, and would also add and improve the efforts students put in to finish their work (read : to score a bit in their internals). Also, there must be a revision of syllabus and it should be divided accordingly. The most important measure would be allowing students to choose their own topic and submit it after the fests so that they can work efficiently, with interest. This would also let them enjoy the fests without a noose of submission date lying around their neck.

Internal assessments take place for a reason and not merely because they have some weightage associated. It should be flexible enough to let students work proficiently. If allowing students the space to explore was not necessary at all, maybe there was no concept of internals. Now, the question is, “Is the concept of Internal Assessment comprehensive or just another work on the shoulders of students looking for areas to explore?”

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