Ex-SRCC professor equates an email to women’s skirt for teaching Business Communication




This is a photo of the Business Communication book by C. B. Gupta to be studied as a subject in B.com Honours, University of Delhi. The page consists of etiquettes of email messages. It compares an email’s length to a woman’s skirt. It states that an email should be like women’s skirts, “short enough to be interesting and long enough to cover all the vital points.” Is this the academic condition of our country’s central university? The casual remark made on a woman’s length of skirt and the functions of that skirt and its length is terrorizing.

This statement has been produced by a former SRCC Professor and the board expects the students to reproduce this in the exams. This is nothing but sheer objectification of women in the name of ‘education‘. Is that how you study a subject named ‘Business Communication’ in the field of commerce? Is that how the students are supposed to study commerce, in its entirety?

The ongoing sexism and objectification of women in the country, by politicians,  had already crossed all limits. The condition of the academia of the so called ‘liberal’ and one of the best universities in the country only makes the whole situation all the more terrible.

Co-authored by Saptaparno Ghosh. 


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