It’s perfectly okay to have a guiltless unproductive winter break this year!


Hi there, all you fellow semester hungover people! How is winter treating all of us? Well, isn’t it? Say the people sleeping all day. Because yeah, same. While you’ll get various posts on how to make these holidays productive and full of buzz and activity, this might be a little diversion to the whole concept of “productivity” these holidays. Being productive is good. Infact its great! You feel you are putting your precious time to use and not wasting time. That’s great. But sometimes, just doing unconventionally fun things is also recommended.  Many would actually go against that and tell you to do this, join that, go to this class. But my advice is a little different. My advice to you would be to take it easy this winter. Taking it easy dosen’t mean you miss out on things other people are doing or pursuing, it just means you’ll just take it up some other time. Instead, use this time to just relax and detox (from the semester pressure, yeah everybody felt that real bad) and do all the “side things” that you always put off because of this work or that and do them free of guilt and to your heart’s content!

Being unproductively productive is actually healthier than most people think. Most people our age are busy nowadays. Busy ALL the time. Cannot seem to stress enough on the ‘All the time’ part. Well take a break you guys! One is always needed.

All of our friends tell us about the new internship or the new NGO or some other new activity they took up because they wanted to be productive, and of course we mortals get intimidated by others  as always. But this time, don’t. Join something only if you yourself want to do that activity or internship or anything. If you by your own will are sure of pursuing something, well then definitely go for it! But not because your friend is being ‘productive’ and you are not. You can just take a chill pill instead and that’s totally fine as well.

productive at being unproductive

In this busy world, people are always upto something, and us college people always like to keep up with everyone and just flow with the times and always be up to date about everything going on around us. Why not pursue our heart’s desires for once? Why not do all those things you have been planning ever since the semester started but couldn’t do because you were too busy?

Take your own space and time, and might as well just chill this winter if not anything (literal reference intended as well).

Billy Joel once said, ” Slow down, you crazy child. You can afford to lose a day or two.”

Made a wish list of the books you wanted to read? Go read them right now! All those movies and series you wanted to binge-watch? Well do that right now! All that sleeping we had to catch up on? Well, what’s holding you back? Go sleep to your heart’s content! Go meet up all your friends and have an amazing time with them and catch up on their lives. Go on amazing family dinners with your family! Go listen to all those songs that you wanted to listen to and dance to your heart’s content. You want to take a holiday to the hills? Do that this winter!

You get the cue right? So what are you waiting for? Go make your winter vacation perfect with being unproductively productive for a change! It’s called “break” for a reason, right?

meme on being unproductive

*curls up inside the blanket and sleeps for 10 hours*


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