Mother’s Day for a Generic 90’s Kid


Mother’s Day, 2000

My tiny feet rush towards my mom, holding her pallu while she’s either cooking food or satisfying the wants of the family in a superhero costume aka Saree. I’m too miniscule a creature to free her from the burdens but I end up adding piles to her work by throwing tantrums like ‘I don’t want to eat’, ‘I don’t want to study’ and so on. It’s mother’s day in the world and ‘just another day‘ in a typical Indian household, where we take her for granted because we are too selfish to release her from the demons of being a working woman or a housewife.

Mother’s Day, 2010

The world is more connected now (virtually). I’ve seen people around me becoming addicts of social media and I become a silent member of the braggart world. A notification pops up and I realize it’s a particular day when I’m supposed to thank my Mom for being herself. I get flowers for her, from a nearby shop and Google ‘mother’s day messages’ to post on Facebook(read: hAppYyy moThErzzzzz Day, mah supermom). I surely am grateful to her, yet, I don’t stop burdening her with my luxurious wants. I don’t tell her how special she is. I don’t give her a day off. I don’t turn the day into a ‘Mother’s Day’ for her.

Mother’s Day, 2017

I’ve been getting spam mails announcing offers and heavy discounts on this occasion. Instagram and Snapchat has new stickers and filters, I use them and insert pictures of our duo. WhatsApp and Facebook is flooded with affection. YouTube has beautiful content relating to Super Moms. I’ve been searching for ‘last minute gift ideas’ and grab superb deals for her, while embracing the commercialization of ‘Mother’s Day’. If we are in the same city, I wish her with all my heart, yet, crib for a boring dinner that she cooked or get cranky when she interferes in my personal life which is, apparently, full of coolness.
If we aren’t together, I show gratitude virtually and make her happy. (Also, secretly miss her love, lap, taunts, beautiful presence and delectable food) Yet, when she calls me up at night, I hang up on her in seconds… because, I can’t let her intervene while my eyes are stuck on a TV Show.

We love that woman who loves us unconditionally in a world that’s filled with ephemeral love. Yet, we take her for granted. We care for her, yet, fail to prioritize her. It’s her day, today(and every other day). Let’s all shower our affection on the one who types with her index finger to ask us if we’ve reached home safely. She’s oscillating between two generations while managing two different mindsets. Let us not be too hard on mothers when they don’t seem to understand us. Social Media surely has provided an unbeatable platform to show affection, but, let us implement the numerous status messages we’ve been writing for her. Let’s knock off her woes and fill her life with bundles of joy, for real!


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